How to Overcome Bloggers Writers Block

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As professional bloggers, we are taught that we must keep writing and produce quality content on a consistent basis. The problem is most people don’t tell you how to deal with the bloggers’ writer’s block that you’re bound to experience at one point or another. I decided to share some of the ways of how to overcome bloggers writers’ block.

Change Your Mindset

I have learned with great intensity the power of one’s mindset has on everything that they do in their life. Often times when we’re struggling with bloggers writers’ block, it’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of thinking you’re not a strong enough writer. It typically leads to us becoming our biggest enemy.

When in reality, there’s probably some bigger form of mindset standing in the way of you being able to be your creative self. If one area of your life is unsettled, it can harm a writer’s ability to let their words flow from them.

A prime example comes from Nicholas Sparks At First Sight novel, the character in his book was a well-known columnist and he couldn’t write. He thought it had to do with so many changes in his life. And in a way it did, but all that he needed to know was that regardless of what happened his new wife would stand beside him. He needed to know that she would move with him anywhere as he did for her. Once he had that peace of mind, he was able to write freely.

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Rather than focusing on what you can’t change, it’s time to focus on the things within your life that you can change. Sometimes just knowing you have the freedom to do something can be enough to make a person more at ease.

Every writer deals with writer block issues. Here are some of the tips I've used to overcome bloggers writers block. Which ones have you used?

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Most bloggers I know are creatures of habit in some form or another. We often stick with topics we’re comfortable with and know quite well. It’s drilled in us to stay on one niche. (Mind you, I have always broken that rule because I know I could never be a solid writer on one topic for an extended period of time. It would cause me to stop enjoying writing the way that I do.)

If you are one of the bloggers who do stick with one niche, maybe it’s time to shake the branches a bit more. If you’re always sticking with making recipes, maybe it’s time to teach your readers how to get the best deals for the products you use within your recipes. Or teach them how you manage to make the recipes look so presentable. Share with us how many attempts it has taken you to make that recipe to perfection. You could share with us where your love of cooking came from. There is plenty of ways to expand within a niche, but oftentimes we’re afraid to do that because of fear of losing our audience.

The funny thing is one thing I’ve learned from returning into the workforce after many years of being a blogger is that our readers care about everything in our lives. They care about learning from us everything we do in relation to our lives, our online skillsets, and everything in between.

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Recycle Old Posts

Sometimes a person needs a break for various reasons. Sometimes a writer’s block happens because our minds are overwhelmed with too many things to be creative. That’s when you take old content and recycle it by updating it with newer facts, new quotes, and/or images and then republish it. It’s recommended that the content is more than a year old if you choose to go this route though.

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Look Through Writing Prompts Posts

There is a long list of places you can get some writing prompts from. One of the first places that come to mind is Sway Life’s monthly writing prompts. Even WordPress provided an eBook filled with 365 Days of Writing Prompts.

You can also get Elite Blog Academy’s 120 Awesome Posts eBook.

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Look Through Magazines

I have a binder filled with articles I’ve clipped out of magazines to write about. I haven’t actually used this binder as of yet, but it’s there if I need it. I find I tend to gain loads of inspiration from them.

Watch Movies or Read Books

I watch plenty of movies, and they usually leave me feeling inspired to write. The same can hold true for books. That’s part of the reason why I do movie reviews and book reviews because I want to ensure that they gain credit for inspiring me to write.

Provide Your Spin on Something You’ve Saw Online

Everyone has their own opinions on every topic there is under the sun. Why not share your perspectives on the topic at hand? Even if you agree with what someone else has said, I’m confident that you can add more food for thought. If you disagree, that’s all the more reason to start writing. I’ve done that a number of times on my old blog, and it was quite beneficial for both of us.

Share Words of Wisdom from Others

Interviews you do with others tend to be big hits! It’s a wonderful way to share your appreciation for others. At the same time, it can help curb the writer’s block.

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I hope these various ideas of how to overcome writers’ block will help you in some way. There are plenty of other options, but these are certainly my top go-to methods to fix it.

What is your method how to overcome bloggers writer block?

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