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Thank you for coming by! Welcome to Sharing Life’s Moments!! It means a lot that you decided to visit this blog when there are so many choices online. While you’re here, I hope you will be inspired and learn something new. I am the REAL Crystal Green! I am the PRIOR owner of Tidbits of Experience. I sold that blog in June 2016, but they decided they bought the right to try to be ME and Del.

About Sharing Life’s Moments

My name is Crystal. I’ve been married to my true love since May of 2008. We went through a long sixteen-year stretch of a rollercoaster ride that included two divorces EACH, only to end up right back together and have the fairy tale ending. We have five kids together, but currently, only two are left living at home.

One daughter is in college, and the other lives up north and has blessed us with a granddaughter. Our oldest son is still determining what he wants to do with his life. At the same time, we are still homeschooling our other two. We also have three dogs. One of the dogs is a Yorkie, one is a Pomeranian mix, and one is a big mix dog.

Top TV Time Posts

Since self-care is essential to one’s overall health, I decided to share more of our TV Time reviews. I’m an avid movie/TV watcher. We are blessed to get to review a lot of movies before they hit the theaters. Plus, we also get to give away a good bit of goodies related to movies. Be sure to check our TV Time Posts for more details.

Top Book Worm Life Posts

I tend to read as I can throughout the week. I have made it a mission to read at least one book a week. So, I hope to also get into the routine of sharing my book reviews with you on Sundays. After all, Sundays are supposed to be all about relaxation. Be sure to check out my Book Worm Life posts weekly.

Top Blogging Posts

Blogging posts cover many topics that will help new bloggers. While I have years of experience in blogging, I have been in and out of the blogging world. It’s CONSTANTLY changing. I’ve learned that there are so many methods to making a blog successful. However, I’ve invested a LOT in this blog this year. I have FINALLY figured out what I’m most passionate about sharing.

Top Family Life Posts

While self-care is essential, the reality is that, as women, we are the heart of our families. I hope to help you make your marriage thrive and grow closer when something worth sharing comes up.

This is all to say that I’m human and want to help you however I can. I hope we’ll become fast friends if that sounds like something that you’d like please become a regular and feel free to reach out to me via email and/or social media. It is my hope you’ll stick around and be sure to make this blog one of your regular stops.

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Until Next Time,
Crystal Green

You are always welcome to email me at [email protected] as well! I like to know my readers personally.

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