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One of the first questions I get when I tell others that I blog for a living is “how do you do that?” I always respond with it takes a long list of steps to blog professionally. The courses I’m recommending are from bloggers who are making thousands of dollars a MONTH. I’m in the midst of finishing off some of these top blogging courses myself. All of them are well worth the money it costs to get them, but please pay close attention to the notes I’ve included with each one, though.

Top Blogging Courses by Professional Bloggers from a bloggers' point of view who has tried them all. Have you taken these blogging courses? #bloggingtips #blogginglife #blogging #sharinglifesmoments

Blogging Courses by Professional Bloggers

Top Blogging Courses by Professional Bloggers 1

Blog Boss: The Blog-to-Biz Roadmap

The Blog Boss: The Blog-to-Biz Roadmap is a course that covers almost all parts of the blogging journey. She gets you from the start to the point of being able to make money with your blog.

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Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Top Blogging Courses by Professional Bloggers 2

This course will teach you how to be a successful affiliate for almost any company that you love. This is a short class that is jammed packed full of information and resources any beginner affiliate will benefit from learning. There are also some key things that experienced affiliates can garnish as well.

Stupid Simple SEO

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You can gain a ton of basic information about properly doing SEO on the web. But Mike’s class covers ALL aspects of SEO. He starts from doing keyword research to helping you figure out who your competition is, making the most of the research you’re doing, how to plan out how to use your content, and sooooo much more.

I’m NOT finished with this course. I have been actively DOING the work involved in his class. But I do hope to fully finish it before the end of June 2023. SEO is a LONG game! I’m learning there is so much more than I thought to really make it happen. If you want all the details in an easy-to-follow course with tons of support in a Facebook group then sign up for Stupid Simple SEO.

Top Blogging Courses by Professional Bloggers 4

Strategies Worth Sharing 

Traffic Transformation is an E-Book filled with over twenty steps to help you increase your traffic on your blog. Lena does a remarkable job of providing you with actionable how-to steps that are worth the time and energy to do. Traffic Transformation is a wonderful complement to any/all of the courses mentioned here. She provides you with proof of how she’s gained results from her methods. Also, there is a video included with this E-Book too.

Blog Income Boost Bundle

Want to learn how to make income with your blog, then be sure to check out the Blog Income Bundle from The She Approach.

Blog Income Boost Bundle

BC Stack

Another wonderful resource to keep a lookout for is the BC Stack that is put together by Blogging Concentrated. This usually goes on sale in June. This is a bundle that includes many blogging courses at a deep discount. This bundle hasn’t cost me over $50.00 yet. It’s well worth EVERY penny even if you buy ALL the other blogging courses/books elsewhere. I invest in this ANNUALLY!!

The Genius Bloggers Toolkit

The Genius Bloggers Toolkit is another bundle of online marketing courses that I invest in each year! This bundle is created by the Ultimate Bundles group, and they have yet to fail in getting together awesome courses and products that truly enhance a blogger’s life. It typically goes on sale around October.

Special note: If you become an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles you get their bundles at a cheaper rate. If you sell 5 or more you get your bundle for FREE. So, sign up to become an affiliate for them today!


All of these courses have helped me in one or another on my blogging journey. I am glad that I bought all of them. The trainers of these classes all know their stuff and are more than willing to help you grow your blogging income as long as you put forth the effort to do the work in their courses. Plus, they have many other courses to consider, and some of them offer FREE courses to get you started as well.

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