3 Security Mistakes That Bloggers Always Make

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The online world is a dangerous place and there are a lot of predatory people looking to exploit you in so many ways. You’ve probably heard about businesses being hacked and having the credit card details of their customers stolen. But if you’re just running a blog from home, you don’t need to worry about that, do you? Actually, you do. Even if you don’t hold personal details about your customers, hackers might still want to steal your content or even just crash your website if they don’t agree with some of the content that you’re putting up there. The sad truth is, everybody is a target for cyber-attacks, no matter who you are or what you’re doing online, so you need to protect yourself. But a lot of bloggers get it wrong when it comes to online security. These are some of the most common security mistakes that bloggers make.

Make sure you're not guilty of these three security mistakes. If you are, you could be risking a lot. Learn how to keep your blog safe here.

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Emailing Important Files

Email is one of the easiest ways to send files around, but it’s not always the most secure. If you’re sending something that you don’t want anybody else to see, the email probably isn’t your best choice. This is particularly important if you’re running a blog for your business. Say, for example, you’re writing a blog post about an upcoming product launch that nobody knows about yet. So, you email it over to a coworker for them to have a look at. It seems fairly safe, but most email providers don’t have the best security, which means that somebody could get hold of that information. Then they may use it as leverage and threaten to inform your competitors of your upcoming business plans, which is never good. If you’re sending important information, it’s best to save it on a USB drive and pass it over manually or use a dropbox service that allows you to password protect specific files.

Using Public Wifi

Being a blogger and working from home can get a little claustrophobic. You’re sat in the house all day long and you might start to go a little stir crazy after a while, so you decide to head out to a local coffee shop to do a bit of writing there instead. That’s fine, but a lot of people don’t realize how unsafe public wifi networks are. It’s so easy for somebody that knows what they’re doing to get into your computer when you’re on public wifi. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them, but you need to protect yourself with a virtual private network.

Not Backing Up

This is a big one and so many of us don’t do it properly. Imagine that you’ve been working on a couple of great posts for the last few weeks and you’re about ready to post them. So, you go to switch on the computer and nothing happens. It’s broken and everything on it is gone. Not only do you have to buy a new computer, but you’ve lost all of that work. It’s not that expensive to buy an external hard drive and it only takes a second to back things up at the end of the day when you’re finished working but it’ll save you a lot of trouble if something does go wrong.

If you’re making these security mistakes, you’re putting your blog and possibly your livelihood at risk, so it’s time to start taking online security more seriously.

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