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Forget You Not! 3 Weekender Ideas For The Reconnecting Couple

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Being married or in a relationship when you have children is an amazing experience. You get to raise mini humans with the person that you love the most, which makes parenthood a total adventure. The problems arise when you forget who you were before you had your children and believe me when I say that it’s easily done. You spend your lives putting your children before yourselves. It means dealing with the stresses of work and then coming home to the children needing more and more attention – especially through the night. Doing this has meant that you end up forgetting why you fell in love in the first place. The love is still there, of course, but where is the romance? Where is the wooing and the playfulness? Lost in a sea of exhaustion and sleepless nights – that’s where!

Making time to be a couple is vital! Here are three ideas for things to do on the weekend as a couple. Don't let being a parent create a huge gap in your marriage.

The key is to make sure that while you are both stretched in different directions, you still hold onto each other. Your partner in your life is your anchor and that anchor keeps you grounded and sane – two things that you need during parenthood the most. So, when it comes to reconnecting, you need to make time for each other away from the children and the noise and the stress. Just you two, together, without the distractions of life taking you away from your relationship. Here are three ideas for a weekender so you get that adult break you deserve.

Wine Country

What adult doesn’t love to sit down at the end of the week with a cold glass of wine? The chance to tour different vineyards, sip different wines and enjoy time as adults in the great outdoors without the cries of a baby or the badgering of a toddler can feel like heaven. Log onto www.HermannWineTrail.com and you can be going to breakfast together outdoors in the lodging, learning how to taste wines and just spending time together happily to recharge. It’s something every couple needs to do at least once.


Both of you having a love of the arts is amazing, so taking the time to go to the city and take in a dinner and show is like the dates you had before you created a family together. Make a reservation at a beautiful hotel and spend the night talking and laughing in each other’s company. It can make such a difference to your relationship if you can return home happy and reconnected.


Not many children are as involved in this one, so taking a weekend at a mountain lodge in the snow is a romantic way to spend some time together. The thrill of skiing together and taking in a hot chocolate by the fire after a day of adrenaline burning is just a stunning way to be together alone.

Take time to nurture your relationship. Don’t let each other go just because you’ve been distracted by family life – one day your children will grow up and leave home, and you don’t want to be strangers by then.

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