Make The Love Last: 10 Secrets For A Happy Marriage

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Living happily ever after isn’t as simple as most fairy tales would have you believe. A wedding is just one day, after all, but a marriage is supposed to last a lifetime. The journey that you head off on with your partner is exciting and beautiful, but it is also far from perfect. There will be bumps to face along the way, and, sometimes, those bumps are just too much to take. There is no one-size-fits-all manual for navigating married life, but, for couples wanting to maintain a strong relationship, there are a few things that you can do. With that in mind, here are ten secrets.

Throughout one's marriage, your love is put to the test. Make the love last with these 10 secrets fora happy marriage. Are you doing these?

Sleep In Separate Bedrooms

We all like a cuddle now and then. In fact, many experts would go as far as to say that physical contact is necessary for survival. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should sleep in the same bed as your partner. If your other half snores, moves in their sleep or has a different sleep pattern to you, then you should consider having separate bedrooms. This will allow both of you to rest better each night so that sleep deprivation doesn’t begin to cause marital problems.

Love Their Loved Ones

Just like you have relatives and friends that you love, your partner does too. When you get married, your two families will blend into one, which is why it’s so important that you all get along. You can text one another and go out together, even if your partner doesn’t join you. This will help you to bond and get to know each other. If you find that you don’t really like one of your partner’s loved ones, you should still try to be civil. As long as they’re not rude, you shouldn’t be either.

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Celebrate The Little Things

Most couples celebrate their wedding anniversary, but the happiest ones show that they care even when it’s not a big occasion. If your partner has a big presentation at work, for example, you could get them something to honor the accomplishment. Even just a small treat, like their favorite meal or a bottle of bubbly, will make them feel special. You could also treat them when there’s no occasion at all. These small, unexpected moments will help keep the romance alive.

Split The Chores Fairly

Few things cause conflict in a relationship quite like chores to do. We live in the 21st century, which means that women can have jobs, and men can help out around the house. Rather than just one of you tackling all of the cooking and cleaning, you should split the chores fairly. If one of you has fewer commitments, then that person can do more. However, they still shouldn’t do it all. Ensure you discuss who is to do what, and, if there’s a chore neither of you wants, you can take turns.

Confide In One Another

Secrets have no place in a marriage. Although it isn’t exactly like lying, it isn’t far off and can cause mistrust nonetheless. To be truly happy, you must be open and honest with one another. Take responsibility for the things that you have done, and, if necessary, ask for understanding and forgiveness. Money is a topic many people avoid speaking about with their partners. You can spend your money how you choose to, but, as it affects you both, you shouldn’t ever hide it.

Keeping a marriage alive is one of the hardest things to do. But if you use these 10 secrets for a happy marriage it doesn’t have to be as hard. #marriedlife #marriagetips #sharinglifesmoments

Fix Your Hearing Problem

It’s going to be pretty difficult to speak openly with your significant other if you can’t actually hear what they say. Hearing problems are a lot more common than most people think and affect younger individuals almost as much as they do seniors. If you’re dealing with hearing trouble, then you should consider looking for affordable hearing aids. With these devices, you’ll find it much easier to listen to your partner, which will take a lot of stress off your relationship.

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Spend Quality Time Together

Spending time with someone and spending quality time with someone are two very different things. You and your partner may live together, but that doesn’t always mean that you engage fully in your interactions. In the earlier days of your relationship, you probably planned date nights, where you would ignore the world and focus on you two alone. Continuing to do this, regardless of how long you have been married, can reignite the spark you felt while you were dating.

Have Time To Yourself

No amount of love is going to stop you and your partner from becoming frustrated with one another if you’re constantly under each other’s feet. With that in mind, you must ensure that you both have some time to yourselves now and then. This could be spent alone or with your family and friends. When you have this time apart, you should avoid texting or calling each other, and just enjoy the time away. It’s not really a break if you continue to talk to one another, after all.

Learn To Fight Fairly

Every couple fights. They fight about the chores, money, parenting, family, and so much more. It doesn’t matter how happy you and your partner are together; You aren’t going to agree all the time. When you do fight, however, it’s crucial that you do so fairly. It only takes one hurtful comment to cause real damage to your relationship. To avoid saying something you regret, you must think things through before talking. You should apologize when you’re in the wrong too.

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Avoid Trash Talking Them

Sometimes you just need to vent about your partner. However, you should avoid trash talking them, especially to people who might get involved. The last thing that you want, after all, is for a particularly confrontational friend to ignite an argument that you’d already put to bed. Whenever you do speak about your relationship, you should be completely honest. Tell both sides of the story and admit to your faults as much as you describe your partner’s.

Although there’s no happy marriage manual that you can turn to, the advice above is a pretty good start. Hopefully, with those ten tips, you can make love last with your other half.

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    • I agree the first tip is a shocker. I haven’t started using that advice yet, but I’ve had it suggested to me from several people married well over twenty years.

      Take your time on getting married. Be sure you read my post on Advice for Engaged Women before you walk down the aisle. It very well may save you divorce fees and major heartache.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I think fighting fair is a big one! Also spending time apart. I thinks it’s healthy to have some hobbies that you do separately. This has become even more apparent during lock down. I don’t think I’d want a separate bed from my partner though! Thankfully snoring is not an issue so we don’t need to consider it.

    • I used to be in agreement with you that it shouldn’t even be considered, but the longer I’m married the more I contemplate doing it. (It’s a huge suggestion from married folks who have been together over twenty years that’s why it’s added in this post.) However, I don’t sleep well at night without my husband. I suffer from major nightmares that have caused him serious bruises and hardships, but he has always said he’d rather be there for me than not. But I feel so horrible that he endures this with me.

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