Tips For New Moms

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You get the positive test back and your whole world changes. Excitement sets in and onesie browsing begins. You share the news that you are going to be a new mom and the party planning starts. Balloons, cake, presents, friends, and family all gather to rejoice.

Tips For New Moms 1

But what happens when all the pazzaz runs out and you’re sitting at home overwhelmed without a clue what to do next? Being a new mom can be the most exciting experience anyone can have but it can easily be the scariest.

Tips for New Moms

Tips For New Moms 2

Ask for help.

 Being a new mom can be stressful due to the demanding schedule of a newborn. Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of your tribe to pick up a few groceries, fold the laundry, watch the baby while you take a nap or go for a walk. 

Eat healthy snacks throughout the day.

Sitting down to eat a balanced healthy meal may seem like a past life dream with all the excitement of being a new mom. Having a basket filled with healthy snacks within reach next to where you feed the baby will make it easier for you to stay fueled up and alert. By eating small snacks throughout the day keeps insulin levels regulated so they don’t bottom out causing exacerbated fatigue and crankiness.

Nap when baby naps.

This really should be the number one tip for new moms because it’s so obvious. A new baby requires so much time and attention that normal housework chores begin to suffer. As a new mom our minds race with all the tasks left undone, but don’t fall into this trap. REST! Napping when the baby naps increases your productivity because now you are not totally exhausted throughout the day. 

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Stay hydrated.

After giving birth you can lose up to 13 pounds which includes weight in fluids your body needs to function properly. To replenish those lost fluids you need to drink at least half your body weight in water. Lack of hydration can cause headaches, body aches, and hair loss just to name a few. No new mom wants to deal with that when she has a new baby to love on.

Be aware of mood changes.

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Studies show that 70-80% of new moms will experience a form of baby blues or postpartum depression. Rest assured that this is completely normal! Changes in your body’s hormones after delivery are the culprit of fluctuating mood changes. There are numerous resources and support options for women who may be struggling with PPD. If you think you may have postpartum depression please call your doctor to discuss your treatment options. 

Being a new mom is the best feeling in the world. Just make sure to breathe, take one day at a time, ask for help if you need it, and enjoy every moment along the way!

What are the best tips you received as a new mom?

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