How To Buy The Right Dance Clothes For Your Child

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Allowing your son or daughter to join a dance group is a wise decision. As long as there have been people, there has been a dance. In every civilization, dance has been part of worship and celebration.

Buying the right dance clothes for your child can get complicated quickly. Use these tips to ensure you get the right dance clothes for your child.

Exposing your child to dance, opens the door to a world of art, expression, and emotion. Being on a dance team means your child will learn teamwork and support for others. It teaches them to strive for something greater. Dance teaches us to strive for perfection and not to expect immediate gratification, which is so prominent in today’s youth.

Dance teaches our children to focus on the energy that we carry. The energy may be wrapped in fear, jealousy, anger, or frustration. It does not matter what form it takes. It is energy and we can use it to express ourselves uniquely in a dance forum. When used to its full potential, dance is physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy for people of all ages.

Buying the right dance clothes for your child can get complicated quickly. Use these tips to ensure you get the right dance clothes for your child.

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Buying dance gear

When your child joins a sports team, he or she is given a list of things they will need. From uniforms to cleats, and everything in between, you will supply him with his costly endeavor. Just like the soccer mom, you will be given a list. The difference is, the items your little dancer needs is affordable. Most studios require their dancers to wear matching clothing. This may be a black leotard with tights that are black or white. They will also need dance shoes, In the beginning, your child will wear dance slippers. In the future, you will buy special shoes for ballet (on Pointe,.) Hip Hop sneakers, tap shoes, or ballroom dancing shoes. Do not invest in these shoes yet. Buy the slippers and wait to see what direction dance takes them.

Note: never allow your child to wear his or her dance shoes anywhere except the dance floor. Do not let them wear them to the dance class so they will have to cross the parking lot. The dance floors are very expensive. Also, damaged shoes may keep the shoe from performing well. A child that is in motion can be hurt if their shoes did not slide well on the floor.

Speak to a dance apparel expert at Just For Kix. They will tell you what to look for and you can order the items via the internet.

Standard items that may be on your list

  • Leotard (in the color instructed)
    • These inexpensive items are the backbone of dance instruction. Wearing a well-fitting leotard allows the teacher to see what muscles and being used and they can correct the move quickly. (Always keep a spare in your dance bag in case of tears.)
  • Tights
    • This is another staple in the dancers kit. Quality tights have a long life. But a snag can turn into a run before you know you have one.
  • Shoes
  • Warm-up outfit
    • This can be a team jacket, sweats, or a roomy flannel shirt that you can button up easily.
  • A dance bag
  • Hair elastic bands or ponytail holders
  • A water bottle (with spring or distilled water)
  • Protein bars, or peanut butter crackers (snack)


There will probably be a recital at the end of the class, to show how well your little ones have done. Ask your instructor in advance what you will need to provide for the recital. This will probably require a dance costume. Again, look to Just For Kix for dance costumes and order early in case it needs to be altered.

As your child grows and develops his or her skill, they can branch into a completely different dance direction. Buy what is needed, when it is needed. You do not want to have a closet full of tap-dancing gear when your child announces they are going into Hip Hop. Encourage your child, and support them. Build a relationship with the instructor. This could be a defining moment in your child’s life, so embrace it and watch them grow into well-balanced adults. Do not let the lessons they learned slip away. Your reward will be great.

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