In today’s Internet era, almost every parent has a tough and exhausting task to force their kids to spend some time in the fresh air. Why? Because what can possibly be a better source of fun than their android buddies, Xbox, and mobile phone? However, by providing your children with their own corner in the garden which meets all their needs, they’ll be glad to switch off the gadgets. So, here are some tips to create a safe and fun place for your kids.

Make a plan

When making the plan of the garden, there are certain things you have to take into consideration regarding the safety. To begin with, the location of the kids’ playground depends mostly on their age. Since you constantly need to keep an eye on them, younger children should play at a visible spot closer to the house, while, on the other hand, older children would be happy to have their own semi-private heaven. Furthermore, make sure that your kid’s play is enclosed, separated from the areas of hard surfaces and invisible for unknown passers-by.

Maximize your lawn

Create a kid-friendly garden and your kids are sure to want to join in fun. Be sure to set up a safe place for them to explore and learn with you. Which tips would you add to this list?

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There’s no better surface for playing outside than grass. It’s perfectly safe for doing handstands, playing ball games or dog chasing. Which is exactly why you should maximize your lawn and plant the flowers only at its borderlines. Make sure you opt for plants which can hold out against balls and occasional trampling. Also, many common plants including lily and daffodil have poisonous features. So, you’d better do a little research before you start gardening. When it comes to the choice of the turf, opt for one which can get through everyday wear and tear such as ‘Perennial Ryegrass’ or ‘Bermuda grass’.

Set up a sunken trampoline

There must be something special in trampolines that makes kids spend hours bouncing up and down. However, many of them are bulky and require a lot of space. But, by installing a sunken trampoline, you’ll please your children without deranging your garden design. What is more, such a trampoline is much safer than the standard ones because neither it can blow over nor can your kids fall off it.

Create wacky paths

Create a kid-friendly garden and your kids are sure to want to join in the fun. Be sure to set up a safe place for them to explore and learn with you. Which tips would you add to this list?

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As every child likes testing their abilities on anything on wheels, they need a hard surface for cycling, scooting and rollerblading. In order to turn your garden into a fun place for kids, consider creating a network of wacky paths. Why wacky? Well, every track with curves is obviously more amusing than a simple straight road. Plus, it can encourage your kids to come up with some new games and racing tournaments.

Create a shaded area

As it can get extremely hot in the open space during summer months, we highly recommend you to provide your kids with some shade where they can find the retreat, but still have fun outdoors. Depending on the location of the area specified for this purpose, great shade options can be a canopy, an old tree, a large umbrella or a practical roof awning. Complement the covered area with a swing, a sand pit or a paddling area and provide your kids with the safe and enjoyable place for having fun in the sun.

Build the hideout

It’s a common knowledge that children dream of forts and having their personal hideout. Whether you set up a tent or build a treehouse, your kids will simply love it! Creating an outdoor hideout can be a great crafting challenge for both kids and parents. What their fort is going to look like depends on your children’s preferences. It can resemble a wigwam, medieval castle or even a pirate ship. The only thing that can limit you is your imagination! Find an interesting and educational tutorial on the YouTube and just follow the instructions. For the sake of safety issues, peak the bright spot to avoid spider invasion, secure sharp edges to avoid an accident and opt for screws rather than nails so that nothing can pierce through the timber. For the same reason, inspect the hideout every now and then in order to prevent any hazard.

Invite animal friends

When having kids, your garden should be kid-friendly, of course, but animal-friendly, too. In order to teach your children about the animals they share their garden with, ask them to help you build a birdhouse or a birth bath. Make sure they keep them filled with food and water and they’ll learn how to take care of their surrounding.

There’s no need to talk about how important it is for your garden to be kid-friendly. Therefore, include the entire family in the project and start creating a safe and fun place for your kids out of your