Pets Teaching Kids Responsibility

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Here’s the situation: Your child wants a pet. But, should you get them one? Having a pet in the home can be one way of teaching your kids responsibility. It also is another added bit of stress to your already overflowing plate. The remarkable things are pets teaching kids responsibility naturally does happen!

Kids like cute things and many pets are cute. It shouldnít surprise you when they ask for one. You might get a request for a cat, dog, rabbit, horse, iguana, lizard, turtle or other animals. Your first reaction might be to say no, but instead, consider how it may impact your child if they had the experience of owning a pet.

Deciding on getting a pet can be daunting for sure. Here are some ways pets teaching kids responsibility can happen. These tips will get you started.

There are a few things to consider. First, choose a pet that is age-appropriate. Small children are not mature enough to learn to take care of a puppy, for example. You will end up doing most of the work. Instead, find a pet that can keep their interest while they learn all about it.

Second, know the benefits of kids and pets. Kids can learn to care for something other than themselves. Pets teach selflessness and empathy. Kids learn to put the needs of something else over their own.

Pets also teach social behavior. For many kids, pets are their first friends. Also, a pet can help them make more friends by interacting with others who own pets. Itís a win-win situation for kids and parents as long as you can take on the responsibility of teaching your kid to care for their pet. It takes patience but it will be worth it in the long run.

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Here are a few ways to help your kids get started.

  • Attend a class at local community centers, pet stores, or animal shelters to help others learn how to care for pets. This is useful before you buy the pet to gauge your child’s interest in certain pets.
  • Visit pet stores and let kids see pets and hold them. Some kids like the idea of pets but not the thought of handling them. For those kids, starting with a pet that they can’t touch like fish might be a better choice.
  • Before kids can learn to care for their pets, they need to see what is involved. If you have fish, show them how to feed the fish, clean the aquarium and change the water. It may take several times (if you have small kids) but they will catch on.
  • Discuss the consequences of not caring for them and when they forget to feed or clean the cages, discuss what will happen: odor, germs and more of a mess than you originally would have had. Remind them that dogs like to play in muddy water, and giving them a bath isn’t always easy. (Hint for busy parents: Be sure you as the parent check out DogProductPicker.com)
  • Be back up and watch your child care for their pets, but know that you are back up in case they forget to do anything.

Children can learn to care for pets at any age. Start with animals that donít need much care and graduate up as your kid demonstrates maturity and interest.

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What are some other tips you would at to how pets teaching kids responsibility can happen?

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