Fun and Educational Garden Activities With Kids

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Children bring their parents all the joy in the world, but on the other hand, they also cause plenty of headaches. They are incredibly active, curious, and prone to mischief, and parents have a hard time keeping them safe and keeping an eye on them. One of the best ways to spend quality time with your children and satisfy their thirst for knowledge and adventure is to take them out to your garden and do small projects with them.

Make bird feeders

Children love animals: they love cats, dogs, bunnies, and birds, and if they could choose they would probably be living either on a farm or in a zoo so they could play with all the animals. They might not be able to do that, but the two of you can make bird feeders and use them to draw a number of pretty birds to your garden so you can watch them and listen to their chipper. Simply mix lard with bird seeds and pour the mixture into disposable plastic cups to harden. Add string and the next day you can hang the hardened mixture onto a tree and see what birds come to eat.

Fun and Educational Garden Activities With Kids 2

Paint rocks

Rocks can easily be turned from boring gray things scattered around the yard to something new and exciting if you engage your creativity and imagination. Gather rocks of different sizes and shapes and use them to create mosaics and paint them with bright and vivid colors to get beetles, ladybirds, and caterpillars. You can also turn it into a lesson if you encourage children to write the alphabet and numbers on them and use them to play a game. Hide the alphabet rocks around the garden and have your child look for them and put them in one place.

Plastic bottle planters

You probably have plenty of milk jugs and plastic water bottles in your home which you either throw away or recycle. You can also up-cycle them and give these sad plastic bottles a new life and new purpose. Cut them out, fill them with dirt, and use them as planters for your new herbs or delicate flowers. To make the project more interesting and involve the children, even more, you can give the bottles to them to spray paint and glue googly eyes on so boring old bottles can become movie and cartoon characters and new toys.

Help them become gardeners

If you are passionate about gardening, you naturally want your children to share your passion and love. The best way to make this happen is to allow them to become gardeners themselves. Give them a small piece of land in a corner of your garden and help them plant anything they want: flowers, herbs, or vegetables. Help them weed it and water it and by the time the plants grow they will be proud of their achievements and fall in love with gardening.

Build bean teepee

Children often dream of having a secret hiding place they can run away to when they want to play. If you want to give them something similar, you can build and grow your own bean teepee they can use all summer long. Make sure your beans are the climbing type and arm yourself with patience. If you would like that teepee to really fit in the rest of your garden, you can always call garden and landscape designers and ask them to help you organize and design your garden.


Remember that being a parent, an older sibling, or a loving cousin to a child doesn’t mean buying them candy and letting them play games on your phone. When you engage them in educational and fun activities, you allow them to learn about the world, move around, and bond with you better. Let your children get dirty in your garden and allow them to make something they will be proud of.

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