Run a Business AND Still See Your Kids

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Being a parent is possibly the most demanding job there is. Running a successful business also rates pretty highly on the stress scale too. Combine both of these, and you have a recipe for a chaotic life! Being a working parent is tough, whether you are employed or self-employed. Running a business is appealing to parents as it gives them the option to set their work hours without having to answer to a boss.

Running a Business Can Change Everything

However, a big issue faced by business owners is that there aren’t enough hours in the day to achieve everything. This situation often results in an overspill of jobs to be done. This means that your evenings are usually spent answering emails and trying to catch up on a stack of admin tasks. This can leave you feeling stressed because you are working as hard as you can, but not making any headway with your tasks. Working parents are often left feeling torn between spending time with their kids and working as hard as they can to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. These parents know that if they are running a business it will drastically improve their lives so they mustard on.

Running a business shouldn't cause you to lose your relationships. Learn how to run a successful business AND still see your kids here! #businesstips #entrepreneurtips #business

If you are feeling stressed out running a business and trying to spend time with your kids, don’t worry, there are ways to make the situation more manageable. Here are some ways that you can take control and run a successful business while still being able to spend quality time with your children:

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Understand What Needs to be Done

It is so easy to get caught up in feeling stressed out when you have a million things to do. Stress can have an impact on your perspective and alter your ability to think clearly about what needs to be done. You may find it helpful to write down everything that you need to do. Once you have done this, select some urgent tasks and make a separate to-do list for things that you will try to achieve that day. Make sure that your daily to-do list is achievable; otherwise, you won’t feel like you are making any progress.

Being able to tick tasks off your to-do list is incredibly satisfying and can help to keep your mind clear and focused. When working through your to-do list, try to concentrate on just one thing at a time. You are likely to be able to complete tasks faster when you give them your full attention.

Running a business shouldn't cause you to lose your relationships. Learn how to run a successful business AND still see your kids here!

Outsource What You Can

If you find that it is the admin and marketing tasks that eat into your evening, then why not get rid of them! Outsourcing can help you to claim your evenings back and to spend precious time with your kids before they go to bed. 

Time-consuming tasks such as management of social media pages and search engine optimization can be handled by companies such as Ignite Digital to help you free up your time. Other tasks such as data entry can be taken on by a virtual assistant to take another load off your mind, and more work off your to-do list. These things will help you with running a successful business and have time for your kids.

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