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Taking Your Small Sales Business Online

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More people than ever are starting small businesses. Some people are looking for ways to make a little pocket money from home, around full-time careers. Others are working full-time for themselves, making a significant income with a growing business. Some of us are working out of our homes, and others have small shops where we sell our products and meet our customers. Many people that start businesses today start out online. 

Whether your small sales business online is a side project or your full time income earner, these tips will help you to grow your business.

But, not all. Up until now, you may have decided to stay based in the real world. Perhaps selling to your local community or offering a telephone ordering service. This works well for many businesses, but eventually, most decide to add an online arm. While there are still many advantages to running a brick and mortar store, there can be no denying the benefits of getting online. You’ll have a better way to communicate with your customers quickly. You’ll be able to reach a much broader audience. The internet gives you a chance to sell from different places and to make money in different ways. It can make your life easier at the same time as helping your business to grow. But, if you want to take your small sales business online, there are some things that you should think about. 

Start a Website

Taking Your Small Sales Business Online

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The first thing that you should do if you want to get your business online is to start a website and add an e-commerce store. While you can sell on social media, and sites like eBay and Etsy are great for small sales businesses, having a website makes you instantly more professional and trustworthy.

Add a Blog

Adding a blog to your website gives you a great way to implement great SEO, advertise your products, give your customers more information, and get found online. Update regularly, and your blog will be a great business tool. 

Protect Yourself

We’re always at risk online, whether we are there in a personal capacity or professional. But, this shouldn’t put you off. You are also at risk every time you walk down the street, but you put in place precautions to protect yourself, practice vigilance and do it anyway. The same can be done online. 

Read this guide to an introduction to brand protection to help you to keep your business safe. Install anti-virus software to your hardware and protection on your website. Run regular checks, and even consider paying someone to help with IT support, to help ensure your safety.

Think About a Stock System

When you make products and sell face to face, you always know what you have got. If you are going to be selling online and in a brick and mortar store, you must have an inventory management system in place so that you know what you’ve got and when. 

Have Clear Delivery and Returns Information

The website and anywhere else that you sell need to have precise delivery and returns information, and you should be realistic with your promises. Review these regularly and update them when needed.

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