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Special Guest App Makes Planning Entertaining Events Easier

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While the Christmas and New Year Eve’s party events are over, it doesn’t mean that all of our party events are done until next year. In fact, we have even more reason to celebrate various events throughout our year to come. In our home, birthdays are the most crucial days that we make sure are well celebrated. In our company, we celebrate reaching new goals. Special Guest App helps can help with making these parties more entertaining.

About Special Guest App

Special Guest App is an app that is designed to help party planners connect with various entertainers with a few simple clicks.  You can almost find every kind of talent on this app for your next party or event.

Special Guest App is an app that is designed to help party planners connect with various entertainers with a few simple clicks.  Learn more here.

You can find:

  • Actors & Actresses
  • Artists
  • Bands & Ensembles
  • Circus Acts
  • Comedians
  • Cultural Entertainment
  • Dances
  • DJs
  • Impersonators
  • Magicians
  • Photographers & Videographers
  • Speakers & Officiants
  • Specialty Acts

If you are any of those things as well, you can sign up and create your own profile and promote your services on this app too.

This app was created as a means to help those who are talented get their name out there in a more economically sound manner.  There are many talented people in our world who can’t afford to take the time to travel and get more gigs. Some can’t land an agent.

To quote the developer, Damon Wayans, Jr.:

We’ve achieved our goal if we get talented people in the app and get them paid. The problem is that the traditional booking industry favors managed talent and 98 percent of talent that isn’t managed. So, you have this conundrum where the 98 percent have to be not just performers but entrepreneurs. We want them to be able to focus on their acts; we will help them find venues that pay.

My Review

I decided to set up a profile and see if it was user-friendly. I must say that it only takes a couple of minutes to create a profile on the app.  There are two options that a user can use to get paid by the company, one is Venmo and the other is your bank account.

I know a good many of online influencers who could benefit from creating a Special Guest profile. This such a neat way to help connect with new clients that you may not have otherwise been given the chance to connect.

I did find Tyler Jarvis, a new musical talent, that I otherwise wouldn’t have found. His music is such a pleasure to listen to. I know if I were to have a business gathering that his music would be worth having playing in the background.

I think that this is going to be the way that things are handled more in the future. I also feel that many people will grow and thrive from using this app and others like it. We may find new talents that are closer to home than we realized.

Considering, I’m from a small-town country home, this is music to my ears because we shouldn’t have to miss out of being noticed due to our location or lack of ability to travel.

What are your thoughts on the new Special Guest app? Do you feel you could use it?

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