Resume Boosting Tips to Land a Job Even Quicker

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When you want to get ahead of the competition on the job market, you need to have a long look at the document that could land you a job. Even if you’re not currently looking for something new; recruiters may keep an eye on your resume in any way, just waiting to put the perfect offer on the table.

They skim your resume and figure out in a matter of seconds whether you’re the right candidate or not – but to add the right kind of weight to it, you need to know what they’re actually looking for. Here is a handful of excellent ways to stand out in the job market and help your resume gain some weight.

The Big Names

Recruiters will look for brand names, first of all, in terms of familiar names they’re likely to recognize. We’re talking top schools, hot start-ups, and household brands. If a lot of the candidates they have to choose from feature big names on their resume, they’re likely to filter the competition with this in mind.

That means that, even if you just have one big name listed, you’re still in a very good position to do better than most. Use every trick in the book to squeeze a brand name in there; if your employer is not one of the biggest names, but a leader in the field, make sure you mention this.

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Also if they serve brand names without being one themselves – the more connections to these big players you’re able to sneak in, the better.

Writing a resume is sometimes a tedious task. Use these resume boosting tips to land a job even quicker.


Most people know that recruiters and headhunters skim our resumes by searching out specific keywords as well as your general writing skills. Some of them may be brand names, as mentioned above, but also technical knowledge which may come in handy – as well as other add-on courses, depending on the field you are in.

If you want to add some serious weight when you’re looking for something new, it’s a good idea to figure out the exact keywords a recruiter might be looking for. In programming, this may be different programming languages and certificates such as CPA and PMP. Get some clarity on this, and you’ll be able to compete with the best.


When the recruiter is looking at your resume, they will be searching out certain keywords as well as a general overview of your potential to grow. This may stand out in multiple ways; maybe the wording you use show enthusiasm, perhaps the MBA engineering you added on last year shows an eagerness to learn and progress, or the years you’ve spent in a certain field. If for example, you’re looking for a sales job, your resume should be tailored well in order to sell yourself to potential employers.

It’s the result of your entire work experience that determines if they think you have the potential for further growth or not. If you know that you have it, but your resume says otherwise, you might as well go out there and show them how much you care.

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Go and do those evening studies, take a year abroad to volunteer within your field, and re-spark the passion for what you do.

Landing the perfect job is also about being driven and enthusiastic as much as having a fantastic resume.

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  1. Emphasizing the keywords of your resume can help you and even give you higher chance to attract the recruiter. A lot of job seekers never get this very important part of a resume, the keywords of their resume. Employers won’t keep their attention to someone they didn’t need.

    • Great points. Nowadays plenty of companies use automated systems that scan resumes looking for a set of keywords for skillsets they want in their potential employees.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope to see you again soon.


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