3 Signs Your Mindset Needs a Change

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A negative mindset can keep you from growing your business and reaching for more success. But sometimes, you can fall into a negative mindset without realizing it. Here are three signs you need to take a hard look at your current mindset.

You expect the worst (and usually find it!).

Despite what you think, expecting the worst isn’t really helpful. It doesn’t prepare you or make you stronger. It simply makes it more likely that you’ll find something to complain about.

Next time you’re about to recount a horrible experience, ask yourself if you went into that experience expecting a bad outcome. If you did, you may have accidentally created this bad situation without realizing it.

You blame others for your lack of success.

Some people seem to carry a list of reasons they’re not successful in their back pocket. Ask a question about how they’re business is going and next thing you know, you’re listening to twenty-five reasons they haven’t succeeded.

The reason business owners like that don’t succeed is they’re refusing to take responsibility for their choices. But you can’t better yourself or your business until you’re willing to own your choices.

You have to acknowledge when it's time for you to make a mindset shift. Here are three signs your mindset needs a change.

You can’t remember the last time you tried something new.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut without realizing it. Maybe you released a course or e-book that was super successful. You kept creating similar products and now you’re coasting on your success.

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But part of having a healthy mindset is challenging yourself regularly. Do things that are outside your comfort zone. Offer a different type of product. Reach out to an event coordinator and ask about speaking at their event. Participate in an affiliate contest.

Changing your mindset is about tuning into your thoughts and really listening to them. If you don’t like what you’re hearing, look for an e-book about mindset or consider booking a session with a business coach you like.

Honesty Revealed

I am guilty of all of the above myself. I know I need to have a mindset shift. I have been working on making that happen since 2019. My mindset has shifted quite a bit by changing the way I handle these situations.

I can only blame MYSELF for my lack of being consistent with my blog and other endeavors throughout my life. I have chosen to watch TV or ride my four-wheeler for longer periods of time than I should have rather than digging in and taking the time to write more content.

I have blamed others for interfering with my plans. However, I’m a grown woman and have the power to say no.

I hope these tips for changing your mindset and getting on the right track help you to make your dreams more of a reality versus just dreams haunting you in your sleep.

What other tips would you add to helping someone change their mindset?

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