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There’s Still Plenty of Good Things Happening

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We are living in quite uncertain times right now as our country hasn’t seen in decades. There are plenty of us who are filled with apprehension and uncertainty about what tomorrow brings us. I happen to be a huge planner, and this describes me as well. However, as I was riding my four-wheeler on my standard 1.5-hour ride around my neighborhood I saw plenty of good things happening that haven’t happened for years around me.

Good Things Happening

Despite the pandemic happening, there's still plenty of good things happening all around us. Are you noticing these small things happening around you too? #sharinglifesmoments #covid19

People Were Outside

In many areas of the world, people spend plenty of time outside. Yet in my small world, it seems I never see anyone outside. I can literally ride my four-wheeler for almost five hours all around my neck of the woods and not see a single soul outside. Kids aren’t outside playing and enjoying the wonders of nature. Parents are nowhere to be seen. It’s like people would rather spend their free time glued to some type of electronic device.

On my ride on Saturday, I saw more of my neighbors than I have in the five years that I’ve been riding “Big Red”. It was so much fun going by everyone’s house and actually getting to WAVE at them. Had the circumstances been different, I would have had the chance to stop and visit with plenty of them for a few minutes like I did when I was a kid and rode my horse for 18 miles every Saturday.

It is those small little things that I feel America has lost. We have lost our sense of connection with each other. We have become a society that would rather connect with people via the Internet than in person. I believe that these Stay at Home orders are making people fully realize how little they have taken the time to spend with their friends and family that LIVE with them let alone those who don’t. This is certainly one of the good things happening. People are starting to realize the importance of relationships over materialistic items.

People are starting to realize the importance of relationships over materialistic items. #stayathome #sharinglifesmoments #COVID19 Click To Tweet

Parenting May Change

Everyone is forced to stay at home and homeschool their kids. When you become your child’s teacher you tend to see your kids in a different light. You are no longer just their parent but the one responsible for them getting a quality education. Our kids’ education is the key to their futures!

When you have to convince your child to learn new or difficult concepts, it’s not always smooth sailing. There is a ton of rebellion. Kids get distracted faster than one can blink an eye.

I believe that this time for parents who typically don’t homeschool will have them gain a new appreciation for what their kids’ teachers may go through within the classroom. It is my hope that parents may decide to ensure that their kids take their time at school more seriously. Maybe now parents will become more active in ensuring students do their homework.

In order for our school systems to become worth sending our kids to changes have to start at home. Parents need to be actively involved in teaching kids social skills. Where I live right now, our schools are awful, and it’s because the kids have no respect for their teachers or each other. It breaks my heart!

As a person who wanted to become a teacher, I feel like my kids are missing out on some things because they are homeschooled. Would I change homeschooling to my kids? No, because our schools are not a safe environment for them! Plus, I do not want my kids to get the impression that having disrespect for others is acceptable. I also want them to know there ARE consequences for not doing what is asked of them.

People are Helping Others

While there are plenty of people helping others without a pandemic, there is less attention given to them. We are reminded that we do have a lot of people who are making good things happening.

I’ve read how businesses are taking care of their employees through this situation, and I have to admit I’ve been impressed with tons of companies! There are plenty of companies that are protecting and taking care of their employees financially throughout this. You don’t fully appreciate working for a great company until you need to rely on their generosity at a time like this.

Families are Reconnecting

Another major good thing happening is families are reconnecting. When you are together with your family all the time, you are forced to come up with ways to entertain their kids more. After a while of playing on electronics non-stop, it does become boring. Taking the family outside becomes a favorite past time.

What are some of the other good things happening around you?


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