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Is Your Home As Safe As It Could Be?

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Many people consider their homes to be the only and final place they can fully relax and be themselves. Walking around our homes alone, singing our heart out in the nude and eating plenty of ice cream has its own sense of freedom that we all indulge in from time to time. Of course, we expect our homes to be this last bastion of personal sanity in our lives, a place that can help us recharge no matter how hectic work is, that always provides us a place to lay our head and zone out to some relaxing entertainment.

However, not many people consider their homes to be a place they might become injured. Surely all that chance happens outside of your home, in the world, at work, or on vacation? Well, no, unfortunately true, complete safety is never achievable. But we can be safer, as long as we implement certain practical considerations into our home life.

If you want the safest home possible, no matter who you are, you’re going to need to consider the following tips:

If you want the safest home possible, no matter who you are, you’re going to need to consider the following tips.

Electrical Circuit

It’s important to consider the electrical setup of your home. Sometimes it can be that frayed wires, bad connections, or unsecured circuits can cause problems and potential fire hazards. At the very least, you may experience a shoddy connection of wiring in your home, and that means the fuse box can regularly trip out. Everyone knows electricity is a dangerous form of energy, but not everyone is interested in learning the best tips to ensure electrical safety. Proper insulation, maintained connections and expert opinions are needed, particularly when making home renovations, in order to ensure that the electrical circuit is sustained in the healthiest manner possible and that you adhere to its best practices of sustenance from the start.

Plumbing Circuit

The plumbing circuit of your household is also essential to keep in mind when making changes, or if experiencing problems. Express flooding not only leads to structural weakness but rot and even electrical interference. It’s important to continually keep an eye on your plumbing, to prioritize plumbers above all else when making home upgrades or extensions, and to ensure you know when and how to operate your pipelines as the winter months come on. It’s also important you familiarize yourself with the water shutoff valve usually outside the property or housed in the garage, as this can help you stop any problems dead until they are looked at by a professional, potentially helping you save hundreds if not thousands in flooding repair.


Fire safety hazards are important to find sooner rather than later. Ensure you fix your electrical circuit as previously mentioned, but also consider the placement of candles in your home, just how much stuff you have in each room, removing the need to smoke inside if you indulge in that habit, and that you ensure home implements are also purchased in case of an oven or hob fire. Electrical fires are also quite possible, so be sure to stock electrical fire extinguishers (often containing a specialist foam,) to help you deal with that specific matter, as foam only makes things much worse.

It’s also essentially important to continually test your fire alarms. Without this, you may find yourself finding out they don’t work at the worst possible time. Once every six months is recommended, but it takes seriously no effort to check them one a month at least, so you might as well do so. It could potentially save the life of your family. On top of this, consider talking about a fire drill to go through with your family in the event of a fire, such as how to leave certain rooms, and where your family should meet outside on the street or in your garden.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. You need to ensure that purpose-built carbon monoxide alarms are present throughout your household, ideally near the boiler and your installed oven. You won’t be able to smell carbon monoxide, but headaches and lethargy are signs that you may be affected. With routine care for these alarms, you should be fine, but also be sure to learn about the telltale signs of a leak, and how to prevent them from occurring.


Your home environment is also sometimes dangerous for your pets. Opening doors with speed, a high level of items stored on the floor, and dense furniture can all limit how comfortable they are. Great pet safety info can be found in the embedded link, and it’s well worth pouring over every tip listed there. Without the ability to care for your pets, they may become injured, harmed or otherwise impeded, and as a responsible pet owner, you should be looking to keep them cared for at all costs.

Also, keep in mind just how secure your pets are in your property. If a dog can easily access the street from your front door, they are in danger. If your garden isn’t well fenced in, or doors are routinely left ajar, your pet can escape. You need to keep them in the grounds of your property unless appropriately leashed, so be sure to assess just how a small animal may escape if they really wanted to, and to try to prevent those options from remaining available.


It can be essentially important to ensure your home is childproofed. From using plug socket protectors, to child safety gates at the top and bottom of your staircases, to using foam protectors on the corners of tables, and even using catches to prevent cupboards and drawers from being opened and closed on fingers, it’s important to consider your home as a playground of danger for your children. Children might not know much academic wisdom right now, but they sure have a knack for finding the dangers in your household. Consider how you might remove these dangers, and always stay one step ahead no matter what.

With these simple efforts, your home is sure to stay as safe as it could be.


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