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Dealing with Homeschooler Critics

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Homeschooling our kids is a personal decision that parents make for their children. I know in most cases that parents have a long list of reasons why they considered homeschooling in the first place. Parents strive to give their kids the best of everything, and that certainly starts with their education. So, how does a mother deal with homeschooler critics from well-meaning family members who are adamant that homeschooling your kids is the worst thing you could do?

You Don’t Have to Justify Your Decisions

First off, you technically do NOT have to explain your decision to homeschool your kids to anyone. God blessed you with your children because he knew you were the perfect fit for them.

The only requirement you have to do is abide by your state’s laws about homeschooling YOUR kids. Then you need to ensure that you teach your children the required subjects.

Best Reaction to Nay-Sayers

I have learned through personal experience that sometimes the best defense is none at all. I know your instincts are telling you to argue the reasons why you want to homeschool. However, the people complaining will physically see the positive impacts homeschooling your children will have on them.

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There are tons of homeschool critics  and there are some powerful ways to deal with them. Here's how to deal with homeschool critics!

My Homeschooling Back Story

I remember when I first started homeschooling my kids my in-laws weren’t overly joyed by the idea and concept one bit. I even sent my oldest to a few private schools and a public school to prove my point. My child was miserable in all of those settings for a long list of reasons. When my middle child was old enough to go to school, I sent him and my oldest to the public school.

The public school was a JOKE! My kids learned next to nothing except how to be disrespectful little brats. They weren’t held accountable for not doing homework or work at all. After the second week of school, I had reached my breaking point because I knew I could provide them a better education at home! I took my mother-in-law with me, and we snuck into our oldest classroom. What we saw made her quickly get on the homeschool bandwagon!

The kids were throwing spitballs, climbing desks, and running all over the room. My oldest was right there in the mix misbehaving. The worse part of the whole thing was the teacher was trying to teach over complete nonsense. I know for a fact that teachers have limited abilities to discipline or maintain their classrooms. However, it’s evident that she just gave up completely.

Fast Forward to Today

Within a year after that incident, my in-laws took on homeschooling my niece. Now they are proudly helping her graduate at age 16. That’s one of the biggest perks to homeschooling! Your children can accomplish things at their own pace. Plus, they can pursue topics that interest them the most.

Extreme Benefit of Homeschooling

I know of many homeschoolers who have started their businesses. Kids can pursue things that interest them because they have the TIME and energy to do it. In most cases, there is a way to incorporate all of the required subjects and topics based on their interests. If they start their own business, then it truly opens up a new world for our kids.

If a homeschooler doesn’t want to own their own business, then they have the chance to gain dual credit in both high school and college courses at the same time. I know that this can be done in public schools too, but it’s much harder because their workload is bigger in most cases.

Your kids are usually more behaved compared to those who attend the corruption grounded schools. I have had MANY people compliment my children for being well mannered. They have even earned money from strangers because they have been respectful and courteous of those around them.


As you can tell, there is an extensive list of reasons why homeschooling kids are worth doing. Let the critics criticize, and let your kids’ knowledge and respectful manners speak for themselves. Like anything else, there are going to be periods when you doubt your decisions because of rough patches on this homeschooling journey. You’re going to have good and bad years. Don’t let those periods discourage your parenting skills. Homeschooling is just taking our parenting roles to an advanced level.

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