Jazz Up Your Homeschooling Approach: 3 Smart Tactics

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Do you ever feel like you are dragging your kids through their homeschooling tasks, or that they are really pretty bored with copying things out of textbooks? Well, I have the simple answer, and it’s to jazz up your homeschooling approach. Something you can find out all about how to do in the post below.

Go multimedia

When they aren’t in the schoolroom, I bet your kids, just like all the other children in the world, are stuck to a screen of some kind or other? Well, how about tapping into this resource for the work they need to get done in school as well? Luckily, as https://www.notconsumed.com/5-tips-for-using-tablets-in-your-homeschool/ suggests, there are lots of ways to include different media into the lesson like using tablets and laptops in the classroom or even allow their phones for research purposes.

In particular, another method you may like to try is to download videos from Youtube, something you can go to https://setapp.com/how-to/download-youtube-videos to discover how to do. Then you can use these as introductions to specific topics. Something that can help make them much more memorable and so provide a hook for the kids to hang the rest of the learning from.

Alternatively, you may even be able to find a way to include computer or interactive games into your teaching. In fact, you can even create innovative quizzes on a particular topic that you are getting them to study. Something that frees up your time to do some marking, and also provides a welcome change of pace for the kids.

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You can jazz up your homeschooling approach by using these three smart tactics. Which ones do you use?

Try peer marking and reviews

Another way that you can shake things up in the homeschool classroom is to introduce peer marking and review, a technique you can find out more about at https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007/. Now, this is a somewhat revolutionary idea in the classroom because it means that the kids mark and grade each other’s work. (Of course, you can also check it to see if the grade they give is right.)

The advantage of peer marking is that not only do the kids get familiar with the mark scheme needed to do well, but they also get to see the other children’s way of meeting these targets too. Something that can help to improve their own work no end, and you can bet they’ll really enjoy taking in the role of a teacher for a bit as well!


Lastly, when it comes to motivating the kids, as the post at https://www.handsonparentwhileearning.com/make-your-childs-education-relevant-through-homeschooling/ suggests, it can really help to clearly link the tasks they have to do, with how important and relevant they are to their life now and in the future. What that means is that if you want to get them to write a report for English, why not let them choose a book or computer game that they love as the topic?

Similarly, when it comes to Math, topics like percentages can be much more easily understood by working them into budgeting their current allowance or an imaginary budget for something they will want in the future like a crab or even a property. After all, if you can demonstrate the relevance of what they are doing, not only will this help to jazz up the activities they are doing, but it will help the kids to enjoy the activity much more as well.

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