Why You Should Consider Homeschooling


Homeschooling your kids is not perfect for everyone, I get that. However, I do feel that everyone COULD do it. Due to our educational downfall, I feel that our country may even be better off should parents decide to homeschool their kids. I feel this way for a long list of reasons, but I’ll only name a few.

Children Get Individual Education

Homeschooling your children allows one to decide how you teach your kids’ reading, writing, Math, and Science. We’re able to choose the curriculum we use to teach them. We are not required to teach them about things that we don’t believe in.

Plus, each child gets to learn using whatever method works best for them versus having a one size fits all mentality. They can learn at that their own pace too.

Why You Should Consider Homeschooling - Homeschooling is becoming popular for a solid set of reasons. See why I feel you should consider it as an option.


Freedom to Learn When and How

In the state I live in my children are only required to go to school 30 hours a week or for 6 hours a day for 180 days a year. How and when I break that down is entirely up to me provided I provide documentation of how we did it. It would amaze you the number of times they are gaining educational value just by going to the grocery store or while we’re out exploring the trails in our local national parks.

We aren’t limited to 8 AM to 3 PM Mon-Fri. trying to cram everything into our kids’ minds through set schedules. We also have all year to ensure that our kids are grasping the concepts given to them.

Form Closer Bonds with The Kids

Due to the fact that my kids are with me almost 24/7, we have the chance to form a closer bond with each other. There are times when we fight like cats and dogs over their school work. Yet, at the end of it, I still see the value behind taking the time to teach them.

I also get to see first-hand what my kids are interested in being taught. I can help them become the next Steve Jobs by encouraging them to think outside the box of ways they can turn their passions into full-time incomes.

Greater Influence on Relationships

I have a strong influence over the types of friendships my kids form. They actually ask my opinion of potential friendships they gain. They’ve learned that I want them to have the kinds of friends that will HELP steer them in the right direction. Now they look for traits in potential friends that I hope to see in them.

They don’t have to be bullied or deal with negative peer pressure. They have the freedom to be picky about who they have as close friends in their lives.

I know they consider their siblings as their best friends. They are also extremely close to me too. We have the freedom to talk about everything that crosses their minds.

There is a long list of reasons why homeschooling is the better option. These are just some of my favorite reasons why I love homeschooling my kids. If you don’t feel convinced yet be sure to check out  Abundant Life’s 100 Reasons Why Homeschooling is Good for Families.

Have you considered homeschooling your kids?

If you already do it, why do you love homeschooling? 


    • It’s nice to know you considered it. There is a long list of ways that kids are still social even with no groups locally, but that’s a topic that I’ll cover in the coming months. I’m still glad to hear your input for your particular family.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  1. I have definitely considered homeschooling and do during summer time(but haven’t been as consistent as I’d like this summer since we’ll be moving in 2.5 weeks.) Love these highlights you pointed out about getting to homeschool; wish I could talk my husband into it! 🙂

    • What is your husband’s biggest reason for NOT wanting to do it? Let’s see if I can persuade him. 😉
      It’s hard to always be consistent, but the good news is with homeschooling you can teach as your life allows it. You’d be amazed how many times you can include lessons as you’re going through life.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope to see you again soon.

  2. I have considered homeschooling and we even tried doing the K12 system at home. I really loved having my son home with me, being able to travel and having control over what he’s eating (not so much sugar) and who is around. The downside- he missed his friends, he missed social interactions. My son is back in public school because I have to work full time outside the home.

    I really love all of your reasons and agree with them 🙂 I think homeschooling is amazing, just doesn’t fit into our family at the moment. #HomeMattersParty
    Crystal recently posted…Home Matters Party #94My Profile

    • I tried K12 too, and couldn’t really get it to work too well. I did love Connections Academy. I have found that my kids love getting to pick their friends. We have found many Facebook groups (I even started one.) to help with making connections.
      I am sorry to hear that right now you can’t do it due to work schedules. That makes it quite hard. I personally miss working outside the home, but can’t make that choice due to needing to homeschool. (Our schools here are terrible!!)

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  3. We’ve been homeschooling for going on eight years now, and we absolutely love it. Besides actually being able to watch our children grow and learn, our kids are able to learn their way. Besides that, I have absolutely no faith in the public education system. None. Visiting from #SmallVictoriesSunday!

    • I’m glad that you voiced your reasons why you homeschool your kids. It’s always nice to hear other’s perspectives. I am like you and have no faith in the public education system.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope to see you again soon.

  4. This is a great list for families who are considering home schooling. We have 5 young boys and I’ve thought about it before but I also think it is important for them to be around diverse cultures in public school and want them to have good social skills. My husband and I also make sure we teach them history, science, geography and other important subjects here at home too. We are also very open with them and talk about any questions they may have about the world. 🙂 Boy do our boys talk! I’ve literally felt like they talked my ear off before. lol Thank you for sharing #HomeMattersParty
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