The Pray-ers Book Review Schoolhouse Review Crew

Check out this Christian fiction book written by Christian author, Mark Mirza, in this book review of The Pray-ers Book 1.

As a part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was given the chance to review The Pray-ers/ Book 1 Troubles  by Mark S. Mirza from CTM Publishing Atlanta . This is not a book I would typically read at all. The Pray-ers/ Book 1 is a book that will show a person how they can … Read more… Review

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The older my kids get the more I realize just how valuable the toddler years are for parents. Zeva is my last toddler to raise (unless God has a different plan.) She is still in love with the idea of learning. Due to her love of learning, I’ve had to find as many preschool resources … Read more…