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Schooled or Homeschooled: Top Ten Ways to Teach Your Child Outside of The Curriculum

The American education system is failing, and it seems to have been failing our children for a long time. That’s why schooled or homeschooled, parents need to put a greater emphasis on teaching than ever before. From academics to life skills, parenting needs to be more hands-on in their efforts to educate their children. In fact, some of the ways you need to teach your child hail back to before the digital age. Teach your child how to take care of themselves, give them a love of learning, and expand their minds. Do this, and you’ll give your child the tools they need to be independent and successful.

Give Them Responsibilities at Home

One of the most surprising ways that you are actually holding your child back from learning is by doing all the chores around the house for them. Not only is getting your child to share in the responsibilities important so that they learn key life skills, like how to properly clean or do laundry, it’s also how you can become closer as a family. The point, however, is to stress the fairness of the division of labor. Similarly, the earlier you start getting them to clean up after themselves and around the house, the better. Keep chores age-appropriate, and you’ll raise a respecting and capable adult.

Teach Them How to Cook

Another way to teach and to spend time with your children is to teach them how to cook. This can help picky eaters eat healthier meals, and it can also help them as they age. For instance, once they get old enough to be left home along you won’t have to worry about your child getting into an accident in the kitchen, or relying on unhealthy meals while you are away for the day or the weekend.

One of the things that sets homeschoolers apart is the fact that they learn many life lessons that go beyond curriculum. Are your kids obtaining these life skills to help them grow and thrive?

Teach Them How to Mend Their Clothes

The fashion industry is slowly moving away from fast fashion, which is not only environmentally destructive but encouraging dismal working conditions in far off countries. The longer your clothes lasts, the better you can do your part to make the world a better place. That’s why, whether it’s to extend the life of your clothes or make them resalable at goodwills, you should teach your child how to mend their clothes properly.

Teach Them How to Camp

A connection with nature is a great way to encourage exercise, and a means to disconnect from the hectic, modern world. Teaching them how to camp is also imperative, as it teaches them key survival skills that they might need. Generally, it’s just a fun way to get your children to respect nature.

Take Academic Learning Outside

Experiments are some of the best ways to learn. That’s because hands-on learning is not only fun, but it sticks better in their minds. So, make science experiments real. Build things. Break things. Let them see how the theoretical work that they are learning translates into the real world.

Make Solving Puzzles Fun

Problem-solving is a key skill that everyone should have. To grow this trait, however, you need to make it fun. Go to places like this Pittsburgh Escape Room where your whole family can have fun solving clues in an effort to win the challenge. Continue this notion of problem-solving and fun further, and you’ll have a child who loves to solve questions and problems throughout their life.

Help Them be Independent

All the learning in the world, however, cannot help them unless they are also confident in themselves. Being independent means believing in your own abilities. It means being able to excel and succeed on your own. That’s why you need to take a step back, and let them figure things out on their own. It’s okay to make mistakes because it is not the mistakes that define you, but rather how you go about fixing them. Trust them, and they’ll trust in themselves too.

Take Their Goals Seriously

When your child has goals, take them seriously. Even if they discard that dream for something else they will still have the skills and knowledge with them. That’s why if your child wants to become an astronaut, sit down with them and go through what they need to do. This applies to any dream job, because the more direct your efforts, the sooner they can realize their dream.

Let them Learn and Develop Their Skills

Not all skills, however, need to be for their dream job. Having a hobby that you can excel at is a great way to relax and unwind. If needs are, many hobbies can even turn into a second income. That’s why when your child shows an acumen for drawing, or for sport, you should encourage them. Sign them up for classes, put them in a team – make them grow based on their talents.

Travel with Them

The last way to teach them outside of schooling is, of course, to travel. Travel, no matter the age, is how you teach your child to respect other cultures, how you teach them to be adventurous and independent, and how you teach them not to be scared of the unknown. So much of the world is only scary because of our perception of it. Getting your children out there can help them become global citizens that love and respect their neighbors, no matter where their neighbors are.

There is so much to learn as you grow. You could go above and beyond this list, and get them tutors to help them understand the curriculum they don’t understand. You could put them in schools so that they can learn another language. You can do so much to help make them both a better person and more hirable. What you do, however, will depend on your resources, your time, and your parenting style. So long as your child is happy, you can consider your parenting success.

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