My Thoughts on the Emily in Paris Show

I just finished binge-watching Emily in Paris off of Netflix yesterday, and my mind is still whirling around with all the things that series made me think. First off, I didn’t even think I would like the series at all. But yet, it sucked me in completely. I couldn’t wait to watch the next show.

My Thoughts on the Emily in Paris Show 1

Emily Has A Back Bone

Emily moves to Paris for a job and doesn’t even know how to speak French. Talk about taking life by the balls! I would have never had the guts to do that. But I’m also the type of person who hides in a corner at a party with many people. She impressed me with her willingness to take this giant leap of faith.

She took stands for things she believed in throughout the show. In that way, she reminded me of me. While I may be bashful, when it comes to things that truly matter to me, I make sure my arguments are solid with tons of proof. She wasn’t afraid to try doing new things and trusting those closest to her to help her along the way. She knew how to think outside the box.

Got to Mention the Fashion in Emily in Paris

Considering the show was set in Paris, they didn’t leave out making sure the characters in these shows wore quite fashionable attire. The fashion show was certainly eye-opening, to say the least. It’s not one that I’ll easily forget for sure.

Onto The Romance Battle in Emily in Paris

For all intents and purposes, Emily did TRY to do the right thing when it came to Gabriel. But I have to be inclined to believe their chemistry for each other can not be denied. I also feel that they have formed a bond that won’t be broken.

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I did NOT like how season 2 ended at all. I don’t think we’ve seen the end of the Emily and Gabriel love story. I believe in the end they are going to get back together. Do I believe their relationship will survive? Honestly no! I believe it’s because they share more strong chemistry for each other than love and connection that touches their soul.

I feel the girlfriend Gabriel has now will get what is coming to her. She played with fire and was full of manipulation. Those kinds of acts do not go unpunished. Emily may come across as sweet as pie, but I still think she knows how to burn someone who may cross her.

I’m eager to see what Season 3 and 4 will bring us. I’ve read a lot of negative reviews about this show, but I don’t think they were right. This series has a lot of drama, fashionistas, and something in it for most generations to relate to in one form or another.

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