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How To Make Memorable Gifts With Design Bundles

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Some people say that the best gifts to give are the ones made with love. I tend to agree with them completely because some of my most treasured gifts are ones that my family has made for me throughout the years. That’s why I’m glad to be promoting how to make memorable gifts with Design Bundles.

You can make some of the best gifts with a little bit of money and imagination. Find out how to make memorable gifts with Design Bundles.

About Design Bundles

Design Bundles started in July 2016, as a way to help customers to have affordable digital products such as Graphics, Templates, Mock Ups, Patterns, Illustrations and Craft Files. Design Bundles offers well over 150,000 Marketplace Products to help you save large sums of money through their Curated Design Bundles. Their primary focus is to help connect talented independent designers with discount seeking consumers.

How to Make Memorable Gifts With Design Bundles

Embroidery Designs

My mother-in-law and youngest son have been getting into embroidery this year. Design Bundles has a mandala SVG design that they know I’ll love to have on a shirt, bag, or something else. With the embroidery machine software, they are able to add colors to this simple design. She had planned on making one for this post, but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to yet.

My favorite embroidery that they have says, “Whoever said that Diamonds are girl’s best friend… never had a Dog.” Spyro is one gift that I treasure daily that my husband got me for Valentine’s Day many years ago now.


They have a large selection of cute printables that you can use to give someone with a homemade decorated frame. You could take their printables about the beach and decorate a frame with some seashells for your beach lover on your list.

They also have calendar printables that can be used to create personalized planners. These make wonderful gifts for those on your list who like to stay organized.

Create Encouraging Reminders

We all have someone in our lives who needs to be reminded that they can handle life’s struggles. (I’m one of those people sometimes, hence why I have quote books on my desk and I have quote apps on my phone.) I’m a fan of the Inspirational Quotes Bundle. I can picture myself making coasters from cheap tiles at Lowes. I know many of my friends would appreciate them as gifts.


One idea you could do is request family members to bring some of their top favorite family photos to the holiday meals. Once you’re done eating you can create a big scrapbook of you’re year together leaving room for the remaining months in the year. Then on New Year’s Day, you can all gather together to finish it out. Design Bundles offers many different things to help you with making your scrapbook stylish.

The options are almost endless with the things you can find on Design Bundles. Design Bundles does truly have resources for almost any creative person. They even have FREE items that you don’t want to miss out on getting in time for holiday crafts.

Learn More About Design Bundles

You can learn more about Design Bundles by visiting their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can easily be inspired and find ways to make affordable gifts for those on your list.

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