12 Sweet Ways Your Kids Can Get Involved in Your Wedding 1

12 Sweet Ways Your Kids Can Get Involved in Your Wedding

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A large number of weddings today involve ‘blended’ families, where one or both partners have children from another relationship. Also, more and more couples now choose to get married once they have started a family, rather than waiting until they’ve tied the knot to settle down. With co-habitation on the rise, a number of couples getting married with children are on the increase. If you are a mom or dad who’s planning a wedding, then you’ll probably want to make sure that your little ones are as involved as possible – after all, when you have a family, your wedding is just as much about your commitment to your children as it is to each other!

There are so many great ways that you can involve your children in your wedding, from allowing them to help make invites to giving them a key role such as a flower girl or groomsman. We’ve listed some of the sweetest ways to get your kids involved in your wedding planning and on the big day itself.

12 Sweet Ways Your Kids Can Get Involved in Your Wedding 2

#1. Choosing the Engagement Ring:

Before you’ve even popped the question to their mom, you can get your kids involved in the process by allowing them to help you select a beautiful engagement ring. However, if you want it to be a surprise, make sure that you can trust them not to spill the beans! Alternatively, more and more couples are now shopping for an engagement ring together; this has many different benefits, including no risk of making the wrong choice, and a better chance of finding a good deal when it comes to the price since you’ll both be looking out. If you’re planning to shop for a halo engagement ring together, then taking your children along could be a cute way to spend some time as a family, and they can give their input on which rings they think mom would like the most.

#2. Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, and Groomsmen:

One of the best ways to involve your little ones in your wedding is to give them a key role in the big day. For example, little girls can be bridesmaids or flower girls, and get to do the awesome job of following their mom down the aisle. Another great role with plenty of responsibility that you can give your child is to be a ring bearer! This is a huge job since they’ll need to make sure that the rings are kept safe and that they bring them out at just the right time to be exchanged after the vows.

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#3. Choosing the Theme and Colors:

Before you can book a wedding venue and purchase room decorations for your reception, you’ll need to come up with a theme or color scheme to use. There are loads of great ideas for wedding themes and color schemes, but sometimes, it can be difficult for brides-to-be to choose just one! This is something that your little ones could help with; using their favorite color in your wedding is a really cute way to involve them that’s sure to make them really happy!

#4. Making Invitations:

If you are hoping to get married on a budget, then you might want to save money by creating your own wedding invitations. This can be done electronically using a design program or wedding invitation creator online, or, you could get crafty and do it all by hand – the choice is yours! Whatever method you choose to use when it comes to putting together the perfect invites, it’s a great activity for little ones to get involved with helping. When creating invitations for family and close friends, your children could even draw pictures or create other personalized invitations that the recipients are sure to love!

#5. Special Performances:

Is your child a wonderful singer, a great dancer, or even a funny comedian? Then, why not employ them as the entertainment for your wedding reception. Kids who love to perform will have a blast showing off their skills at mom and dad’s wedding, and it’s sure to make you a very proud parent indeed as you watch them take center stage. If you have more than one child, there are many great ways that they can do something special for your wedding reception – perhaps they’ll come up with something to sing together, or even put on a specially choreographed dance routine for the guests. Or, for something unusual, they might want to do a magic trick show or come up with their own unique entertainment idea.

#6. Making Wedding Favors:

Making your own wedding favors is a great way to save money on the cost of tying the knot, and the best part is that your little ones can also get involved with this activity. Making place cards, table decorations, and even menus is something that many couples do themselves to keep costs low, and they’re easy for kids to do – plus if mistakes are made, it won’t take much to simply make a new one. Don’t worry if they’re not perfect, though – in fact, this can add a really cute touch to your wedding day as it shows that your little ones were involved in making it all come together.

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#7. Giving a Speech:

Confident children, especially older kids, might want to give a speech at your wedding. This is a lovely way for them to get involved, as they’ll be able to tell all the guests how much they love their mom and dad along with the speeches from dad, grandad, and anybody else who’s getting up to say a few words. It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out speech – just a few words can be enough to get everybody teary-eyed!

#8. Incorporate Them Into Your Vows:

Traditional wedding vows are long declining in popularity; many couples prefer to write their own vows so that they can make it unique and personal to the two of them. If you have children together or are both welcoming each other’s children into your new blended family, then your wedding is just as much about your commitment to the whole family unit as it is to each other as individuals. Taking the opportunity to promise your little ones that you’ll always look after them and be there for them during your wedding vows is a beautiful way to involve them in the ceremony.

#9. Family Wedding Cake Toppers:

One of the most fun parts of picking and designing your wedding cake is choosing the topper, which is meant to represent the two of you as a couple. But, if you’re getting married and already have a family, then many wedding toppers are missing a crucial factor – your kids! After all, your wedding is a symbol of commitment to your whole family unit, so what better way to involve everybody in it than having a wedding topper that includes every family member?

#10. Family First Dance:

The first dance between the new husband and wife is always a beautiful and memorable part of any wedding ceremony. If you want to involve your children as much as possible in your wedding, then a lovely way to do this is to also have a first dance for the whole family! While the first dance between you both can be to a slow, romantic song; the family dance could be a little bit more fun and involve something with a catchier beat, to get the whole audience smiling and joining in.

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#11. Official Duties:

If being a bridesmaid, flower girl or groomsman isn’t enough for your little ones, then why not consider giving them more official capacity? For example, your son could be an assistant to your best man, or he could even be the best man himself? For brides, why not ask your daughter to be your maid of honor or chief bridesmaid? After all, there’s no rule that says these roles have an age limit. If you already have adults lined up for these roles, then there’s no reason not to let your child do it too – after all, it’s your wedding, and you can have as many best men or chief bridesmaids as you like.

#12. Give Them a Token Gift:

When you say your vows and say ‘I do,’ you’ll present each other with a wedding band to wear for the rest of your life. A cute way to involve your children in this special moment is to have a token gift for them, too! For example, you could give them a small ring, bracelet, or another small gift to keep for themselves as a souvenir of the day that mom and dad got married. They’re sure to cherish it for the rest of their life!

These are just some of the best ways to make sure that your little ones are as involved as possible in your wedding planning and the big day.

Did you get your children involved in your wedding? We’d love to know what you did in the comments.

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