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12 Hacks for Baking the Best Cookies

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When it comes to cooking about the only kind of cooking that I have fun doing is baking! As you know life hacks are something that I tend to gravitate to. It is my hope that these hacks for baking the best cookies will help you have even better cookies this holiday season.

Make your best cookies yet with using these hacks for baking the best cookies. These simple hacks can transform your cookies to the next level.

Hacks for Baking

Always let your butter get to temperature. I highly recommend using I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. There is something about that product that makes cookies superb! If you’re needing to make cookies quickly cut the sticks up into pieces and microwave in 5 seconds intervals until it’s soft NOT melted! (Melted butter or COLD butter will ruin the mix!)

Let the flour be in the measuring cup LOOSELY. If you pack it then the cookies will have a cake like taste to them.

Make sure you use baking powder and baking soda that is within date. Considering they are the cheapest items on the recipe list and can be used for cleaning one’s home, they should be something you keep fresh in your home regardless.

Some things are meant to be used in their name-brand versions. Vanilla extract is definitely something I recommend you get in the well-established McCormick brand!

The shade of brown sugar does make a difference in the taste. The darker flavor provides more of a molasses flavor.

If you’re missing food coloring, you can use Jello to create your colored frosting.

Make sure your eggs are room temperature too!

Make sure you mix your liquids and sugar together until they smooth. Then SLOWLY add a little bit of flour at a time. Then add in the hard ingredients a little bit at a time too.

Make sure you chill your cookie dough for 4-6 hours because it does give the ingredients time to meld together. That further enhances the flavor!

Marshmallows are fabulous to use as frosting.

Dipping any type of cookie in melted chocolate can make it classier.

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Here are some tips for what to use if you’re missing something!

12 Hacks for Baking the Best Cookies 2

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What other hacks for baking the best cookies would you add? 

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