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Using Paint To Spruce Up The Home

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Now that we are entering a new season, it is the ideal time for us to start thinking about decorating and brightening up the home. It is fun for us to play around with new colors and designs in the home throughout the year and some of the options we can choose for our space can be fun and pretty expensive too.

Paint is easy to get hold of and it is also super affordable. If you are looking for a way to brighten up the home and make it feel brand new for less this spring, here are some handy ideas for you.

Spruce up the outside

If you are bored of your home looking the same as every other home on the street, it is a good idea for you to think of painting the front door or the house itself. When it comes to painting the front of the house there are so many colors you can choose from and this can be a super fun project for you to play around with. Have some fun with it and use images online to give you some inspiration for what to do.

Paint your furniture

If you have a pile of furniture in the home which is all a boring wooden color, one of the things you can for this year is painting your furniture and make it feel brand new. You can buy milk paint and learn about that here, and this paint will give the furniture a new lease of life and your home a chic and simple design which looks more fun and modern.

Using paint to spruce up the home can truly transform it with little cost. Here are some tips to get the most from using this technique!

Brighten the walls

The most obvious way of all to use paint to brighten up the home is to paint the walls a new color to make it more fun. If you have had the same color scheme for a long time in your living space it can be a great idea for you to paint the walls and fun and bright color to make it feel brand new. You can either choose a similar color within the same color scheme or go bold and choose the complete opposite color for a fun effect.

Make the mirror bold

Mirrors are wonderful accessories for us to have in the home and they are great for reflecting light and life throughout the house. When we want to make the house a little more exciting this year, we can think about painting the frame a new color to make it stand out. You could go for a simple coat of white or black, or even pick a bod color such as yellow and this will add a fun colored feature to the home.

Create abstract art

Abstract art can be an awesome way to inject instant life and color into a living space and it can be a fun way to fill a blank wall. Think about creating a piece of abstract art for the wall this year using a few bright colors and canvas. It can be easy to make a fun piece of art by adding squirts of color to the canvas in random places, then taking an old credit card or something similar and swiping across the canvas to fill in the page. Keep going until you have a fun design for the home.


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