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Meaning What You Say

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Communication is one of the most important aspects of life. Before written or verbal language, one can only imagine how difficult it was to reach common understandings. There may have been predators in an area, and multiple humans would innately come together to defend themselves. While it is not certain, verbal communication most likely came into being because of this particular scenario. As human beings have domesticated themselves, words have taken on entirely new and progressive meanings. In a world filled with an endless amount of content, your diction may determine if people gravitate toward your endeavors.

Meaning what you say is the proper form of becoming a person of integrity. Follow these tips to ensure you represent yourself correctly.

Following the Campaign Trail

When you observe the type of individuals who run for President, there is one thing they all have in common. The diction used when communicating with a particular base or while giving a speech determines if they reach the promised land. President Obama is an individual who stood out from the pack in this regard. Known as one of the best orators of this time, Obama captivated audiences with his poignant language and intellectual demeanor. Presidential candidates of today would be wise to review his speeches while he was running to understand the proper use of verbal communication.

Socializing with Friends and Family

Your word choice will indeed differ when communicating with your friends and family. Possibly even more so between these particular groups. When conversing with family, it is quite common for people to talk in a way that satisfies an existing frame. Meaning, if your parents are not aware of an aspect of your life, you may verbally side-step specific questions. However, when speaking with a friend group, one is generally more free with the language used. These are individuals people confide in and are comfortable disclosing almost any type of personal information. Depending on your relationships, you may share everything with both your family and friends.

Socializing on Social Media

Social media has transformed into a space where anyone can write down and share thoughts with the world. Celebrities post simple phrases and often receive millions of impressions because of what they mean to the world. The words that come from these public figures hold more weight than your typical person down the street. Certain celebrities use that type of platform for diving deep into important issues, however. Lebron James is an example of a superstar who uses his words wisely to give back to communicate and inspire people of all ages.

Speaking in the Workplace

As adults, people are expected to communicate with coworkers to conduct proper forms of business. You may find yourself in a situation where you are giving a presentation to management. When you are preparing for this presentation, it is likely that you will be mindful of the words you use. There are certain phrases or types of language that are not acceptable in the workplace. Many employers are using chat rooms to conduct business remotely, and this still applies to these spaces as well. Even if you work remotely, the words you use with your colleagues still matter.

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