8 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Front Entry

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Do you know how they say that you never get a second chance to make a first impression? Well, this applies to people and houses alike. Your job as a homeowner is to make your home feel welcoming right from the bat. 

The good thing is that there are various ways to enhance your front entry and make your guests – and yourself – feel good every time they come to your home. 

If you’re on the market for ideas that will help you enhance your front entry, you’re in the right spot. We’re here to offer you all the best ideas. So, let’s check them out.

8 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Front Entry 1

Front door color matters

Start with choosing the right colour for your front door or simply replacing your old front door with something more modern. If you opt for a colour change, you should know that you’re not limited by those generic and boring front door colours. 

Since colours can cause an emotional reaction, it’s important to choose colours that will make your home feel welcoming and that will set the tone for the rest of your house. The colour of the front door can reflect your style and say a lot about you, as well.

You can choose any colour you want from bright blue that will give a sense of elegance and formality to pastel yellow doors that will evoke the feeling of happiness on a bright sunny day. 

In case you are looking to change your old front door, there are tons of different options these days. You can choose traditional doors, sleek modern ones, or something rustic and oversized.

A well lit and clean front porch

8 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Front Entry 2

However, a new or updated front door is not enough if your entry is dark and dingy. In order to have a welcoming and inviting front entry, you’ll need to invest in lighting. Porch lights can do a lot for your front entry. 

Choose something that will make your porch look light and bright. In addition to lighting your porch, think about installing lights that will illuminate the walkway to your door. Motion-sensor lighting is also a good idea, apart from the convenience it will give you the feeling of safety.

Apart from a well-lit porch, you’ll need to keep it clean as well. Make sure you give your front porch a nice scrub every now and then because the dust and grime will cramp the style you’re going for. Cobwebs scream the opposite of inviting.

Also, don’t forget to invest in a good outdoor mat that will help prevent all the debris and moisture from coming into your house. Mats are convenient because they keep the entry clean both outside and inside at the same time.

Walkway to your home 

Apart from an inviting porch, an important step in making guests feel welcome is the walkway to your front door. A poorly marked and overgrown walkway is a huge turn-off and it can make guests feel uncomfortable – because how will they get to your front door?

Try to keep the walkway to your home nice and tidy and above all well-marked. If you don’t have a clearly marked walkway, try looking into pavers, gravel, brick, or even concrete. Choose whatever you like, just make sure that you have a proper walkway to your door. 

Your walkway should always be well-maintained and clean of any dirt and debris. 

Take care of the landscape

8 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Front Entry 3

Your front yard landscape is a huge part of the front entry and it can contribute quite a bit to the first impression of your home. Regardless of how small or big your front yard is, it should always be well-maintained. 

You don’t have to go big on the planting in the front yard. Simply make sure that you don’t overdo with all the plants. If you already have grass in front of your home, just make sure you regularly mow the lawn and that you water it. A green and well taken care of lawn says a lot. 

If just grass seems too bland and boring to you, plant some colourful plants and flowers in planters and you can arrange them however you’d like. Or if you’re aiming even higher, you can plant a flower bed around the border of your home, add some evergreens, or even hedges that will give you some privacy.

The landscaping design is up to you – just keep it clean and well-maintained all year round.

House number that will stand out

How will people find your home if the numbers on it are barely visible or non-existent? If your goal is to enhance your front entry, consider changing or updating your house number with something more eye-catching.

There are so many great ideas and you can even DIY the house numbers yourself. You can go for something simple or you can choose something interesting like a number sign next to a planter of succulents.

Whatever you choose, just keep in mind that numbers should be at least 4 inches tall and distinctive in order to be visible from afar.

Front door accessories

8 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Front Entry 4

The devil is in the details or accessories if you will. If you want to add a special touch to your front door, install nice hardware. From door handles, knockers, porch lights, and mailboxes – you can make your front entry elegant and unique.

Go for hardware that will enhance and compliment the exterior of your house. You can opt for a metal or chrome look, or you can choose sleek and modern mat black hardware – it all depends on what look you’re going for.

Make sure you tie in all the details on the exterior of your home with these accessories.

Bring architectural interest to the front of your house

If you feel like your house is boring or another cookie-cutter house of the neighbourhood – there are ways to make it stand out. 

Add charm to the front of your home by covering your entrance. Apart from adding to your curb appeal, it will serve its purpose of covering from rain your front door and in that way making people feel more welcome.

If you want to, you can add a gate or a fence. A little fence paired with a gate will make your home stand out in a neighbourhood where gates and fences aren’t present. 

To make the front of your home seem even more appealing and to enhance the front exterior of it, think about adding exterior window shutters. They don’t really have to serve any purpose but simply add character and charm to your house. You can paint them the same colour as your front door to make the house look more cohesive.

All these architectural details can bring more charm and interest to your house and in that way make it more inviting and welcoming to your guests.

Front porch design

8 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Front Entry 5

Front porches can be an extension of your home, an ideal place to entertain guests or relax at the end of the long day. Depending on how big your front porch is, you can deck it out with patio furniture, a front porch swing, or something more simple like large planters. 

The porch designs are many and they largely depend on the type of porch you have. Many people have those large wraparound porches, others have covered or open porches, and then there are also screened-in porches. 

Your porch can be an ideal place to set up a small bistro-like type of table and two chairs. If you have a bigger porch, you can install a porch swing or put an outdoor furniture set. If, on the other hand, your porch is not all that big to fit furniture, that doesn’t mean that it can’t look nice and inviting. Porches can be nicely decorated with a variety of porch plants and flowers.

Porches decorated and adorned with plants and flowers add a lot to the curb appeal and the overall appearance of your home.

Some say that our homes are a reflection of our personality. Our home is our safe haven and as such, it deserves to be well taken care of. That also means taking care of the front of your home. 

Many people think that it matters more how the house looks on the inside rather than the outside. However, the truth is that no one would like to go even close to a house that looks like a train wreck. This is why first impressions matter when it comes to houses. 

People love to see and visit homes that look welcoming and inviting, homes that look nice both on the outside as well on the inside. So, with that said, we hope that these couple of ideas can be of some help and that you can make your front entry look nice and welcoming.

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