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10 Interior Decor Rules You Must Try to Break

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Over the years, we have heard a lot of designing rules and décor tips on how to decorate your home. Rules on what color to choose for your ceiling, where to place your furniture in your living room and so on. But do these rules really help in designing the place that you love?  Or do these rules just restrict your creativity and make you design a place that is right according to someone else?  Have you ever thought of breaking these rules? Might be overlooking a few designing do’s and don’ts can help unlock your creativity and create a space that really works for you. Here are a few décor rules that you must try to break.

We have heard a lot of designing rules and décor tips on how to decorate your home. Here are ten interior décor rules that you must try to break.

10 Interior Decor Rules You Must Try to Break

Avoid dark color in small space

People are usually advised to use muted colors in small spaces as it makes the place look bigger visually. But does it really increase the space available for utility? No! It does not.  So there is no need to stick to this rule. Use the space according to your liking and introduce as much color and design as you like. Go for bright and dark colors, patterns and textured wall tiles – the choices are limitless. Choosing a dark color also adds a cozy and intimate feel to your room. The important thing is to design the room in the way you like it, irrespective of its size.

Always opt for the neutral color sofa

A neutral color sofa is considered to be a wise choice. And mostly the reason is that it goes with everything. A neutral color sofa with bright accessories is definitely a safer choice. The sofa is the centerpiece of your room and has a huge impact on how your room looks like. Would you not like to make a style statement with it? Choose bold colors. Did you find a suitable sofa in your favorite color? Go for it. Look for bright jewel tones like sapphire and ruby. Try out a modular sofa with floral patterns Choose a bright colored sofa and add an electric touch to your living room

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Always choose white for the ceiling 

The ceiling is a space that is easily ignored and painted white. You can break this rule right away. Paint the ceiling same color as your walls; it will look great. Try choosing a contrast color for your ceiling. A contrast ceiling can change the perception of your entire room.

The sofa is a must in the living room 

Can you remember the last time you saw a living room without a sofa on it? Over the years, the sofa has become an integral part of a living room. It is the first piece of furniture people buy and plan all the decoration around it. That is not necessary. There are a lot of interesting alternatives to the sofa that can transform the look of your living room. Wooden platforms are great for a small space. They also double as storage space. Bean bags, floor cushions, chairs, ottoman are great alternatives to consider. Experiment with various styles. Choose what works best.

Go for the classic bathroom 

Break the classic bathroom look – white bathtub and with plain tiles. Go for the colored bathtub. Choose a great color. Glittering wall tiles and bathroom panels add a sparkle to your bathroom. You need not stare at empty walls in your bathroom. Try decorating it. Make a wall gallery of your favorite objects like seashells, starfish and so on. The bathroom is the place where you refresh and relax. There is no need to stick to a boring look just because it is considered classy.

Choose geometrically shaped mirrors, hang a few framed prints, go for freestanding bathtubs. Get a touch of greenery in your bath and add plants to your bathroom. Add some colors, choose trendy fixtures and faucet. Decorate it, make it a place you love to relax and refresh.

All furniture’s in your home should complement each other 

Usually, it is suggested that you choose furniture that goes well with each other. But do you like a piece that you adore but do not quite go well with other furniture? Is there a unique piece that you absolutely adore? It does not mean you should say no to it just because it stands out. Adding such a piece is a great way to add interest and a twist to your space. Choose a standout piece you love, that relates and reflects your personality – it will find a place in your room.

All the chairs in the dining room have to match 

Why should they all be the same?  Matching chairs look good, no doubt about it. But not matching is fun! They are various ideas you can try. Choose a shape, but vary the colors. Or go for wild shapes and keep the color consistent. Try chairs with different cushion fabrics. Take chances, mix and match. Choose what you love.

Go for neutral colors

Add a pop of color. Have a vibrant color on at least one wall.  Go for textured wallpaper, decorative wall panels, and wall murals. You can create a gallery wall or place a series of wall art. Choose anything you love. Making these changes adds an element of uniqueness to your room.

Everything should match 

No! Everything need not exactly match and be color coordinated in your home. It makes it look very flat and boring. Add a different color, texture, and patterns. They help in creating depth and give structure to your space.

Artwork should always hang on walls

Try breaking this rule. You can learn the art on top of the dresser or on the side of the couch. Set it on a shelf.  Casually leaning a wall art adds a level of elegance if you choose the right place and right piece. Play with the idea of not hanging artwork on the wall. You might add a unique touch to your space

Most of the design rules are based on what many people find appealing. It does not necessarily mean it is best for you. These can only be considered as options and help you to choose what works for you but not as design choices dictated for you to follow.  Break a few rules. You might be glad that you did.

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