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Top 5 Children Summer Sports

It’s that time of year again, the end of term summer holidays. Whilst that doesn’t necessarily mean one long holiday for you, it certainly does for your children. With the kids free of homework and school assignments, it is essential that we are finding fun and active things for them to do be doing with their time to get them off the sofa, into the fresh air and out from under our feet.

Finding fantastic summer sports for our children not only gives us peace of mind that they are enjoying their time mastering a great new sport but it also means that it gives us more time to be getting on with the things that we normally do when they are school.

Paddle Boarding

The relatively new sport of paddle boarding has been taking the sporting world by storm over recent years. Children and adults alike have been trying their hand at mastering the art of stand up paddle boards whilst whiling away the afternoon bobbing around in the sea. Therefore if you think that this could be a sport that your children would be interested in there's certainly no shortage of great stand up paddle board schools that offer summer courses to children throughout the summer.

Top 5 Children Summer Sports that are worth considering. Which one does your child love the most?


For pre-teens and teenage kids, basketball is a fantastic, competitive sport. It is one of the most active sports due to the constant running and jumping around the court so it is one that is suitable for really sporty and competitive children. With basketball, children can learn about defense techniques and how to play well in a team to name just a few of the qualities that will be really handy later on in life.


Summer swimming club is an excellent idea for younger children who you want to focus on growing and strengthening their swimming skills. Water is such an attractive option in the hotter months for children to be in a cooling environment and as learning to swim is such an important skill for children a summer swimming school is a great choice. Summer swimming courses not only teach children swimming techniques, they also arrange daily games, activities, and challenges ensuring that the children have a fantastic time and enjoy the course.


Netball is a great choice for girls as, with basketball, it is all about defense, attack and working in a team however it is a slightly softer version than basketball. The main differences are that the courts are smaller, the hoop has no backboard and the ball can not be bounced or make contact with the floor. This makes it a really challenging and super fun sports that is a firm favorite summer sport with girls of all ages.


Back to the water for a light spot of surfing. For those of you that live close to the beach, surfing is a great sport for kids to get stuck into over the summer months. Getting children involved in a summer surfing program is a great way to ensure that your children are having fun and earning whilst being well looked after by surfing specialists.

Talk to me in the comments, please:

Which one of these sports would your child(ren) most enjoy doing?


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