In our society today, our children are bombarded with many pressures. It's up to use to ensure we are helping our children overcome study anxieties. These tips will help you do that.

Helping Your Children Overcome Study Anxieties

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It’s safe to say that our children are feeling the pressure more than we ever did. It seems that now, various social anxieties, coupled with academic pressure, can cause our kids to succumb to more than a bout of depression. The sheer pressure they can feel when it comes to exam time can result in so many anxieties. Study anxieties are one of those things that should not be. It’s so unfair to test our children on what they’ve learned throughout an academic year in a single 2-hour exam. But, this is where we have to provide the resources for our children to overcome these anxieties.

In our society today, our children are bombarded with many pressures. It's up to use to ensure we are helping our children overcome study anxieties. These tips will help you do that.

The Right Learning Materials

Our children will have anxieties towards a certain subject because they feel they “can’t” do it. It may very well be the case that they’re just not being taught it properly. Perhaps the teacher is not able to explain it in a manner that they can understand, or the teacher isn’t engaging your child appropriately. Rest assured, there are other ways in which to learn the material. There are plenty of resources online, such as Cazoom Maths and even various YouTube resources. If our child gets it into their heads that they’re not able to learn something because it’s “too hard,” we’ve got to figure out how they learn the material in the first place. It’s about providing other approaches.

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Encouraging Healthy Habits

Studying used to be all about sitting down and focusing for hours and hours on end. This isn’t beneficial if you don’t have the concentration. Structuring study sessions are all depended on your child’s ability to learn information. It’s not just about sitting there staring at a book; it’s about ensuring the information gets absorbed in other ways. But in addition to this, we need to encourage the right habits for them to learn. This could very well be about structuring their study sessions, but also ensuring they get the appropriate nutrients. You also have to think about minimizing stress. When we feel stressed, we can’t absorb information. In which case, before sitting down to study, giving them the opportunity to calm down will mean they will focus better so, therefore, they will study better.

Encouraging Perspective

There is so much pressure on children to perform at exam level, even when they aren’t even 11 years old! What we have to do, as parents, is to ensure they don’t feel if they fail this exam that they are a failure in life. Many children feel that prior to performing their next exam and the one after until they burn out! When you look at it in the grand scheme of things, this excessive stress they are placing on themselves is not healthy. Sure, working habits are good, but if they’re feeling the pressure before they even left school, we’ve got to work hard at encouraging perspective.

Study anxieties are something that we can all empathize with. We know that it’s important for our children to get the best start in life, but if they feel overwhelmed by the prospect of examinations, it’s our duty to get them in the right mindset.

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