IF you have followed my blog for any length of time, then you’ll know that I haven’t always been considered even a good cook. I can cook some decent meals, but until I got the Pampered Chef Quicker Cooker I didn’t want to cook in my kitchen. I’ve been dealing with a poorly laid out and downright messed up kitchen for over thirteen years. However, that is all changing!! For my Mother’s Day gift this year, I’m getting a total kitchen revamping event in my home. My husband has been working diligently to paint the walls, put down new flooring, and changing the layout of my kitchen to make it more user-friendly for me.

The Kitchen Revamping Event 1

We have invested in all the major appliances to make my cooking life easier! I can’t wait to share recipes using our various kitchen appliances such as the air fryer, quick cooker, slow cooker, and indoor grills. I have already shared some of these kinds of recipes before now. One of my favorites was the Quick Cooker Beef Stroganoff.

This Quick Cooker Beef Stroganoff will be a meal everyone will fight over. It's a wonderful comfort food meal that you can make in less than an hour. #recipes #sharinglifesmoments #quickeasymeals

I’ll be experimenting quite a bit in the coming months. Hopefully, we’ll get some recipes worth sharing. Del has been thinking of some new ideas that I haven’t seen to much online.

What are your favorite kitchen appliances that are popular now? Do you use the instant pot, air fryer, or slow cooker the most in your home? What are your favorite recipes?

Tips to Create Your Own Kitchen Revamping Event

I was expecting my kitchen revamping event to cost thousands, and that’s why it’s always been put off. I still don’t have a glamorous kitchen, but in our cinder block home, it works beautifully. It didn’t cost us thousands to make it happen.

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Plan Ahead

The very first step is making a plan ahead of what you want your kitchen revamping event to produce. You have to be able to picture your end results. It helps to also create a kitchen revamping budget as well.

Shop Around For Replacement Items

We decided on going with a double oven and then an electric cooktop in our kitchen this time. Especially since we invested in all of the small kitchen appliances that are ever so popular right now.

We got our double oven by searching on the Facebook marketplace, and we got a practically brand new set for an amazing price! We got our unique kitchen sink by shopping at thrift stores.

The counters are made by Del and are covered in a material that is easy to clean and maintain. We waited until the flooring was on sale.

To gain more tips for creating your dream kitchen check out these 5 top tips by clicking on the image below:

Having a well laid out kitchen can make cooking more enjoyable. Here you'll find 5 top tips on creating your dream kitchen.

We appreciate every share we get because it helps this blog grow! Thank you in advance.

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