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It will not too far from the truth to say that the kitchen feeds. We cook in the kitchen and nourish ourselves with food from the kitchen. Due to all the activities that take place there, the kitchen wears out faster than other rooms in the house.

We hardly notice this wear, tear and paint discoloration because we think of the kitchen as a workplace and not as another room in the house like the living room that needs to be well maintained, decorated and in need of regular refurbishments.

Below are a few tips to give your kitchen a facelift.


Give your kitchen a fresh coat of paint. All the smoke and steam from your culinary experiments in the kitchen gradually damage the paint on the interior walls of your kitchen. You’ll notice that your kitchen walls have a different hue from the rest of the house because of this.

Transform your kitchen with a new paint job. Use bright colors to make it more lively and welcoming. While you are at it, you can’t repaint the kitchen cabinets too to have a uniform color in your kitchen.


Upgrade your utensils

If you have been the same utensils for years then it is time to buy new ones as you give your kitchen a facelift. Get a new set of Cutlery Knives and some new pans and plates to match.

There is also a possibility that you have less glassware than you had in your last upgrade so maybe it is time to restock and replace the broken ones.

Instead of clear containers or using your spices straight from their packaging, use painted and decorate storage containers in your kitchen for your sugar, spices, cereals etc.


Your kitchen doesn’t have to be dull even as you maintain neatness and avoid cluttering it. You can hang a food picture somewhere in your kitchen. If you hard up for space, a few decoration pieces on your refrigerator door should suffice.

 Kitchen cabinets

Over time, the paint on your kitchen handles degenerate and make everything look old and worn out. During your kitchen facelift, consider changing your cabinet door handles. Your local hardware store probably stocks a variety of door handles of various designs and colors. Choose the type that best matches the interior décor of your kitchen.

Replacing something as simple as this will go a long way in improving the appearance of your kitchen.

Do not stop with handles. You can overhaul your entire kitchen cabinet either replacing the entire structure with a totally new one or refurbishing the existing one.

When refurbishing, replace the panels with new ones, sometimes eve repainting can be enough to give it a facelift.

For an overhaul, you can install a new design, bigger or smaller, to suit your requirements. It should be spacious enough though to contain all the utensils and appliances that were in the old one. You can never go wrong with wooden kitchen cabinets with glass doors look great in any kitchen interior. They blend in with every kitchen décor.

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