The Dos & Don’ts Of The Modern Vlogger

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Not too long ago, vlogs would all follow quite a similar format; the video starts, someone talks for a while, and then the video ends, all without much in between. This made this sort of content incredibly easy to make, while also creating a new field which was accessible to loads of different people. Nowadays, though, things have changed, and users expect quite a lot more from the people they watch. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the dos and don’ts of modern vlogging for the modern vlogger, taking the work out of your hands.

Users expect quite a lot more from the people they watch! This post will provide the dos and don’ts of modern vlogging, taking the work out of your hands.
Felix Russell-Saw

None Content:

In reality, it’s easy to talk about nothing for ten minutes if you try hard enough. People won’t respond very well to this, though, moving onto other videos which will give them what they want. It can be hard to make sure that you’re covering topics that people want to know about. Initially, you’ll be in the dark, and will have to rely on your own ideas to solve this issue. As time goes on, though, you will start to develop feedback in the form of comments, and these can be used to push your vlog forwards.

Poor Quality:

With some vloggers using industry-leading cameras to record their work, those starting out in this sort of field have to work extra hard to keep up. Companies like Training Connection provide a helpful learning environment, making your Premiere Pro lessons easier to digest. This should make it nice and easy to get started on improving your video quality. Of course, though, investing in a better camera could also help a lot.


Saying the wrong thing when you’re recording your vlogs is an easy way to land yourself in trouble. Readers will spot things that could be considered racist, sexist, or simply unsavory very quickly, spreading the word and making it hard for you to maintain a good reputation. This should be an easy rule to follow, but you could have a friend or two watch your work before releasing it if you’re worried that you might have missed something.


Vlogging is a strange form of media when compared to things like gaming or technology videos. People will expect both quality and quantity from you, and this will often mean having to put out multiple videos each week. It will be hard for your viewers to find themselves engaged if you’re only posting once every fortnight. A large part of vlogging is all about the image you portray, and showing that it is a big part of your lifestyle is a good way to spark some intrigue surrounding your work.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the vlogs you make. It can be hard to make sure that you’re following the right track when you’re producing this sort of content, especially if you use other vloggers as your reference point. Of course, though, once you have this all mastered, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of working for yourself on a project which you love.

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