How to Teach Reading with Homer Reading

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EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of my kids has had to struggle to learn how to read. When it has come time to teach my kids to read, it has been the hardest thing to teach them. It’s hard because I have dyslexia, and it took me FOREVER to learn how to read fully. My mom invested in plenty of tutors to help me conquer it. I’m so grateful she did that because I’m a huge book worm now. I want my kids to have the excitement about a good book as I do! That’s why I’m grateful we got the opportunity to review HOMER Reading.

About HOMER Reading

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HOMER Reading is a program designed by teachers and child development experts to teach the skills most critical for school and life. This program has over a thousand lessons on key topics such as ABCs, phonics, sight words, and more. It’s designed so that kids only have to spend 15 minutes a day on the app to gain up to a 74% increase in reading scores.

Let's make teaching our kids how to read FUN! with HOMER READING! Learn more about @LearnwithHOMER by reading this #homeschoolmomblogger review. #ishn #homeschoolingtips #ihsnet #sharinglifesmoments

My Review of HOMER Reading

When Zeva first tried HOMER Reading she was thrilled with it. She spent several hours on it because SHE wanted to keep going. What mother is going to argue with her child eager to do educational learning, right?

But as she progressed through the app, and it only offered her two different FUN activities to do, she did lose her excitement. She has the ability to draw or create pictures or record herself or just continue on.

Let's make teaching our kids how to read FUN! with HOMER READING! Learn more about @LearnwithHOMER by reading this #homeschoolmomblogger review. #ishn #homeschoolingtips #ihsnet #sharinglifesmoments

I have also noticed that it doesn’t save her progress from one device to another. In other words, she can use the app on my cell phone and then come back to my computer to do the work, and it’s not putting her at the level she was on my cell phone. For us, that’s a bit frustrating because we never know which device she needs to use to do work on because of our schedule constraints. I was really surprised to see that this was even an issue.

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Now that I’ve expressed the negatives to this program, let me tell you all the many positives about it! This app covers a ton of topics kids need to master in one online reading program. They use different methods throughout the levels to keep their young users entertained. Some the praises are a bit repetitious, but that didn’t slow Zeva down from getting excited to get her praises for a job well done.

I personally like how the graphics are colorful and bright. There’s nothing lazy looking about this program. It gives off a sense of high energy which matches the spirit of my daughter. A person doesn’t realize how much graphics matters until you work with teaching kids!

The app is more like a game for Zeva than anything. Within the app itself, it does have games, sight word activities, first readers, and stories for her to read and listen along with.

As a parent who also wants to ensure she learns how to write well, I like the fact that there are printables that I can print out and have her practice writing stories of her own. Plus, she gets sight words in neat printable boxes that I can cut out and eluminate after she’s colored them. Also, I can reward her for all her hard work with the award documents that I can fill out for each level.

HOMER Reading is more than just a fun little app for your child to use to gain better reading confidence. It’s a whole program that parents can take and use to their fullest. Zeva is definitely a lot more confident in her ability to learn to read. She knows and can physically see the progress she’s made since she’s started using HOMER Reading.

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Try HOMER Reading for 30-Days

The good news is you don’t have to just trust my judgment of this program. You can try it out with your kids for FREE for 30-Days with this FREE Trial Period.

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Learn More by Connecting With Them

You can learn more about HOMER Reading by visiting their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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