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Spring-Cleaning Checklist: Things You Shouldn’t Miss

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Spring is just around the corner. With it comes to a much-needed respite from the freezing winter weather and the perfect time, for one thing, you haven’t had the heart or energy to do in the cold—cleaning your entire house. When temperatures begin to warm up, it’s time to air out your home and get rid of the layers of dust and clutter that have accumulated over the past few months.

With so much to clean, it’s easy to miss a few things, so it’s a good idea to create a checklist before you start spring-cleaning. Remember to include these things in your to-do list.

Spring cleaning your home is easier when you have this spring cleaning checklist to use. Be sure to make sure everything gets done by checking this post.

Preparing for Spring-Cleaning

Before you get into spring-cleaning, prepare all the tools and cleaners you may need to avoid going back and forth the cleaning closet. Get a caddy, and fill it with all the basic cleaning supplies, which include the following:

●       All-purpose spray cleaner

●       Baking soda

●       White vinegar

●       Wood cleaner

●       Scrub brush

●       Sponges

●       Dish towels

●       Microfiber towels

●       Rubber gloves

●       Trash bags

There’s bound to be a lot of mess, so wear something you won’t hesitate to chuck in the bin after, and put on rubber gloves to avoid hurting or drying out your hands. Get the family involved, too, to help with all the tasks that need to be done.

The Kitchen

One of the places in the house with the highest foot traffic, the kitchen naturally accumulates a lot of mess; some are rightly apparently while others are well hidden in the deep, dark corners of your kitchen. Here’s a list of cleaning tasks to restore your kitchen’s sparkle:

●       Remove all broken and unusable items from kitchen cabinets and drawers.

●       Wipe and clean cabinets and drawers.

●       Wash and dry pots, pans, and kitchen tools.

●       Arrange the pots, pans, plates, utensils, and kitchen tools in cabinets and drawers.

●       Get rid of expired or spoiled food items in the pantry and refrigerator.

●       Clean and disinfect the pantry and fridge.

●       Organize the contents of the pantry and fridge.

●       Replace the fridge’s water filter.

●       Take out items that don’t belong in the kitchen.

●       Clean the kitchen appliances such as the microwave, oven, food processor, and stove.

●       Clear the countertops and disinfect.

●       Disinfect cutting boards and sharpen knives.

●       Clean the coffee maker and replace the filter.

●       Wipe or wash and dry racks, lazy Susans, baskets, and trays.

●       Wipe and clean windows.

●       Clean and sanitize countertops and surfaces.

●       Wipe and disinfect doorknobs, handles, and switches.

●       Wipe and polish cabinet doors.

●       Deep clean walls and tiles.

●       Vacuum and mop the floor.

●       Deep clean tile grout and recaulk.

●       Brush up paint on walls.

●       Clean and repolish kitchen furniture.

●       Check and replenish your inventory.

The Dining Room

The place where you eat should be clean and clutter-free for you to relax and fully enjoy your meal. That said, here’s a list of what you must do to tidy up the dining room:

●       Clear the dining table and remove lines, mats, and covers.

●       Dust the ceiling and crown molding.

●       Clean the chandelier, pendant light, or overhead light.

●       Wipe and sanitize the switches and outlets.

●       Remove curtains or blinds and clean the windows.

●       Remove wall decorations and clean.

●       Clean walls and scrub away stains and dirt.

●       Wipe and polish cabinets, furniture, organizers.

●       Reorganize cabinets.

●       Wash and leave linens, mats, covers, and curtains to dry.

●       Clean and sanitize the dining table and chairs.

●       Vacuum, and mop or polish the floor.

●       Rehang decorations.

●       Change curtains, linens, mats, and covers.

The Bathroom

Although the bathroom is limited in space, the nature of the place means it sees a lot of mess, the ones that are particularly taxing and time-consuming to clean. But with fortitude and the right cleaning supplies, it isn’t impossible to make your bathroom squeaky clean. Without further ado, here are the tasks you need to do:

●       Apply products that need to sit for a length of time on the toilet, sink, tub, and tiles.

●   Raid cabinets and drawers, and throw out expired products and medicines, and empty containers.

●       Clean the air vents and dust the ceiling.

●       Wipe the windows clean, and use a glass cleaner to remove stubborn stains.

●     Spray the glass shower door and mirror with a glass cleaner, and remove water marks and stains with a microfiber towel.

●       Run a squeegee on the wet glass to remove water and spray residue.

●       Remove frames or decorations on the walls and clean it.

●       Scrub or wipe walls.

●       Clean and shine faucets and showerheads.

●       Sanitize switches, outlets, handles, and knobs.

●       Wash, disinfect, and dry the toothbrush holder.

●       Declutter and clean the shower caddy.

●       Clear countertops.

●       Remove soap residues, stains, and marks on the countertop using a nontoxic cleaner.

●       Spray and wipe disinfectant on the countertop.

●       Scrub and wash the sink and tub.

●       Clean and disinfect the toilet.

●       Scrub the floor tiles.

●       Refill soap containers.

●       Put used towels and clothes in the laundry.

●       Take out the trash.

●       Clean tile grout and reseal.

●       Repolish wooden cabinets, and touch up paint on walls.

●       Air out and dry the bathroom.

●       Hang the frames and decorations.

The Living Room

The living room, also known as the family room, is where most people spend time in their homes. It’s usually the place with the highest foot traffic, so it’s supposed to be the part of the house that’s cleaned regularly. If you haven’t kept up with your chores, catch up with this cleaning to-do list:

●       Assess the living room, and prepare a bag for decluttering.

●       Put items that don’t belong in the room inside the bag to return to their proper place later.

●       Dust the ceiling, crown molding, and corners, and remove cobwebs.

●       Clean air vents, overhead lights, and ceiling fans.

●       Remove and clean wall decorations.

●       Remove curtains.

●       Clean windows, windowsills, and curtain rods.

●       Dust lamps and shelves along with their contents.

●       Clean and sanitize switches, outlets, knobs, and handles.

●       Remove furniture and pillow covers.

●       Wipe and polish furniture.

●       Dust the living room appliances.

●       Vacuum the floor and carpets.

●       Shampoo the carpets.

●       Wash curtains and covers.

●       Replace curtains, covers, and the rug.

●       Organize decorations and accessories.

●       Refresh paint on walls.

The Bedroom

It’s hard to relax and get a good night’s rest in a dirty and disorganized bedroom. Create a clean and comfortable haven in your bedroom through these steps:

●       Remove anything that doesn’t belong in the bedroom.

●       Chuck all the dirty laundry in the clothes hamper.

●       Dust the ceiling, overhead lights, ceiling fan, and wall corners.

●       Remove and clean wall hangings, accessories, and decorations.

●       Wipe wall sconces, lamps, and the mirror.

●       Clean and declutter the bedside table.

●       Wipe and polish wood furniture.

●       Remove and wash beddings.

●       Dust and turn over the mattress.

●       Replace beddings.

●       Vacuum the floors.

●       Declutter and organize your closet, dresser, and drawers.

●       Decorate your bedroom.

Boosting Home Security

While you’re spring-cleaning, take the chance to increase the security of your home. With the warm weather, criminals are more likely to venture out and resume their dastardly deeds. Therefore, it is important to increase the security of your such as replacing your door locks. Most burglars use force in entering properties, so reinforce your doors by using high-quality strike plates and installing deadbolts.

With a proper lock-picking set and some skills, you can test the strength of your current door locks and see if it is burglar-proof or not. You should also consider having other security measures installed in your home. CCTV cameras allow you to monitor your property even when you’re away. An alarm system also helps stop burglars and intruders.

Get to know your neighbors, and join the neighborhood watch programs, if there are any, to have someone help look out for your property and to do your part in keeping the community safe.

Wrapping Up

After the cold, depressing months, your home deserves a thorough cleaning not just to restore its appearance but also to help renew your mind. After all, a clean and organized environment is a prerequisite for a calm and fresh mindset. So bust out your cleaning supplies, get the family involved, and start your spring-cleaning.

Now is the perfect time to get your home decluttered. Here is a FREE PRINTABLE SPRING CLEANING REMOVAL CHECKLIST WITH TIPS.


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