Design Features to Look for in a Sectional Sofa

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When buying furniture, it’s always a good idea to know what types of features it might have. That way, you can seek out the designs that are right for you. Here are some features in design a sectional sofa might have.

L-Shape vs U-Shape vs Curved

Sectionals are available in three main shapes: L-shape, U-shape, and curved. The straight ends of the first two shapes give ample seating for the most part. The L-shaped sectional is great for a smallish room, while the U-shape is better in larger rooms. However, the wedge may not allow for very much legroom. The curved sofa sectional has more space in that wedge.


A sectional with a chaise adds a nice bit of extra comfort for one person sitting on it. Very many sectionals do have a chaise, and it can be on the left or right side or even in the middle. The problem is that only one person gets to use the chaise at a time. If you think this might lead to arguments, you might prefer a design for the sectional that doesn’t have this feature. Or, you might consider a sectional with a chaise at both ends.

Be sure to explore the various kinds of furniture out there. Here are some features in design a sectional sofa that you might want.

Stationary vs Reclining

As with all types of sofas, you can choose either a reclining or stationery design with a sectional. Many people enjoy relaxing on a sectional with reclining seats. If this is what you like, consider choosing one with infinite position reclining mechanisms so you can settle in at the perfect angle. On the other hand, many people prefer the stability and lower price of a stationary sectional.

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Back Type

Sectionals come with a variety of different types of backs. Cushioned backs are much softer than tight backs. Pillow’s backs are even plusher, and you can move the pillows around to achieve maximum, individualized comfort. A split-backed sectional has a smoother appearance, so it looks great in a more formal living room. A tufted back or a curvaceous camelback has a huge amount of visual appeal.

Sleeper Sectional Sofa

A sleeper sectional offers an extra place for guests to spend the night. In addition, the regular seating areas are usually large enough to accommodate one or two people. That means you can sleep up to four people on your sectional, which is great if you have a lot of company or no spare room at all.

Extra Features

Sometimes, it’s the little extras that really capture your attention. For example, many people like a design for a sectional that has a console with storage, a fold-down table, or cupholders. Some sectionals also have hidden storage inside the chaise, where you can keep warm blankets for a cold day or board games for a little fun.

Finding the perfect design sectional sofa may take a bit of research. That’s especially true if you are determined to get several specific features. However, there is an incredible number of choices out there. You can have your ideal combination of design features if you take a little time to view many different options.

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