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Making Your Own Emergency First Aid Kit for Home – Here’s What You Need to Include

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How many times has one of your children hurt themselves, scraped a knee, had a bug bite or sting, or gotten a mild burn only for you to find yourself searching through the whole house trying to find the right items to treat their issue with. Bandages, antiseptic wipes, and gauze are often guilty of ending up in the mysterious black hole in your home. This is exactly why it’s so important to always have a fully-stocked emergency first aid kit handy and within reach.

So, what should your first aid kit contain? Here we’ll take a look at the must-have items that you’ll want to include in the first aid kit for your house.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Here’s an item that most people don’t tend to think about when building an emergency first aid kit, but the reality is that if you are the one who is injured and don’t necessarily know the important numbers off the top of your head, these can come in handy. Create a list of all the important contacts such as your doctor, local poison control, family members, and even next door neighbors who may be able to help if needed.

Bandages and Gauze

Two of the most-used items you’ll need in your first aid kit are bandages (in all sizes) and gauze. Along with sterile gauze, you will also need a pair of scissors to cut it to size, and medical tape to keep the gauze in place.

Disposable Non-Latex Gloves

It’s always wise to have a few pairs of surgical style non-latex gloves in the kit as well so you can address wounds and burns without transferring any germs to them.

Thermometer and Pain Relief Medication

Next you want to put a thermometer and pain/fever relief medication in the kit. This medication can be used to bring down a fever, help reduce swelling, and of course lessen pain.

A Variety of Small Items

Then we have a huge number of small items such as safety pins, tweezers, eye patches, a face mask, instant ice packs, a flashlight and extra batteries, an emergency blanket (more important when building an emergency kit for the car), and antiseptic wipes.

Too Much of a Hassle to Make Your Own?

If this list seems a bit too involved for you, and you’d rather not have to put in all that work and run around shopping, you can always purchase pre-assembled first aid kits from a trusted brand like MFASCO. The company sells a wide range of home first aid kits that include all the essentials and then some. They also come in convenient storage cases, keeping everything organized and contained. These kits will provide you with all the supplies you need to deal with common household injuries.

Having a first aid kit in the home just makes good sense, as it allows you to be prepared for all those typical emergencies and injuries that always seem to happen, especially with kids.


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