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How To Maintain Your Husband’s Confidence Despite Thinning Hair

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Some men love their hair long, some like it clean and short. Whatever style they have in mind, what matters is they take care of their hair and wish that they never lose them. Sadly, some men already have thinning hair. Survey shows that a big percentage of men worry about hair loss. Is your husband one of them? Then, this article is for you. As a wife, you play an important role in helping your husband feel confident despite his thinning hair. 

Let Us Talk About Hair Loss

Unfortunately, there are lots of factors regarding hair loss in men. Some are hereditary such as male pattern hair loss which affects men when they reach the age of 30. Even the pattern and the speed of how fast or slow the hair loss progress is also inherited from either the mother or the father’s side.

Symptoms may include hair loss starting from the side of the head (usually from the temples) followed by the hair from the forehead. This gradual hair loss activity is known as a receding hairline. Other factors such as stress, rough handling, and diet can cause your hair to fall too

Some men just take it and still show confidence while walking without hair on their head. But for some who are still looking for ways to bring their locks back, here is what you can do.

Many men struggle with hair thinning as they get older. Here are some ways on how to main your husband's confidence despite thinning hair.

Protein Is The Key

An adequate dose of protein is required to make your hair grow since a single hair strand is made up of protein fiber. Therefore, lack of protein in your body can make your hair dull, brittle and dry. Cells need protein for tissue repair and for constructing a new one. To prevent hair loss, you must be cautious of what you eat. Food that contains essential amino acids such as cheese, milk, eggs, and yogurt can be included in your diet since amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Food that is rich in iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc also helps in strengthening hair follicles.

Hairstyling Products

Not all hair products are good for your hair so you have to be picky when it comes to your styling. Avoid products that contain harsh ingredients since they make the hair prone to breakage and that speeds up hair loss. Aside from that, look for styling products that can elevate the hair at the follicle and separate individual hair strands which makes the hair look volumized. Do not use products that can cause clumping of your hair since it will just emphasize your thin hair.

How To Maintain Your Husband's Confidence Despite Thinning Hair 2

Quit Smoking

Cigarette smoking is not only dangerous to your health. Studies show that it can also accelerate hair loss and premature graying. Why? Because of nicotine and carbon monoxide, which are present in cigarettes. These two ingredients limit the flow of blood and oxygen to the body, which is vital for distributing nutrients for the whole body. Due to this, the hair does not get enough nourishment and hair eventually end up scattered on the floor or your pillow.

Consider Hair Transplant

Hair transplant has been a common solution for hair loss nowadays. Many people recommend Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) since it leaves no major scarring and quick recovery as compared to other hair transplant procedures. If you want to know more about hair transplant, visit surehair.com.

It is important to have a good physical appearance and your hair helps a lot to achieve that. But in some cases, inherited hair loss is unavoidable and some are even not preventable. Remember that being beautiful inside is more important than what we see outside. Family, especially their wife, can help them gain their confidence wearing their bald pate with pride!

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