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Encouraging Your Child to Study at Home

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Studying may not be at the top of your child’s priorities; however, you can help to make this time more enjoyable by following these helpful strategies from Mount House School

Set up a new study area for your child

This will help to improve their concentration and contribute to their academic success. It is important to set some rules so that your child gets the most out of their study time. For example, their new study space should be a mobile phone free zone. Also, ensure that your child has everything they need to hand. This will enable them to commit their full attention to the work in front of them. Treat them to some new stationery and notebooks, and provide refreshments so they have no excuses!

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Build a routine by helping your child to make a study schedule.

This will allow your child to regularly allocate some of their spare time to study.  By establishing a routine you will help your child to become more organized and improve their time management skills. You can also use this schedule to note down upcoming exams and coursework deadlines.
When your child begins to cross tasks off of their schedule, they will feel more motivated and less stressed about school work.

Try to encourage a positive attitude towards studying by joining in!

You could share study time with your son or daughter and catch up on some of your own work, or take a new online course. This is a great way to model good working behavior. Make study time feel special by sitting in the same room as your child and being on hand to help. You could even listen to some of your favorite music together as you study.

Do an Educational Day Out

If your child is studying a particular topic at school, you could help to enhance their knowledge with an educational day out. This could be to a museum, an art gallery or simply a local park. Learning outside of the classroom offers a number of educational benefits and can help to inspire your child. It will also make a fun day out for all the family to enjoy!

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