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A child’s first day at school can be daunting for both them and their parents. It’s hard to predict how they will respond; will they be super excited or full of fear? It would be wise to try and prepare your child for school so that they handle it well when the time comes. I have teamed up with a preparatory school in Somerset to offer you the following advice that might help your youngster get ready for school.

Tips to Prepare Your Child For School:

One of the hardest things to do is to prepare your child for school. Here are some simple practical tips to help you with that. #parentingtips #parenting #raisingkids
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Be Positive About School

When talking about school around your child, no matter the context, always try and be positive. If you talk about your own experiences of school in a negative way or share with your friends and family that you’re worried about your little one starting, you will make them nervous. If you speak highly of the school, you will fill them with excitement. 

Help Your Child Become Independent

You should try and encourage them to do simple tasks on their own. An example would be getting dressed in the morning, as this is something they’ll need to be able to do when they’re at school after P.E. lessons. The more independent your child is, the easier they will find the transition to school. This to me is one of the most important parts to prepare your child for school because it will set them up for more success.

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Have Some Time Apart

Your child needs to get used to the idea of being away from you. With that in mind, try and make a point of letting other people look after them from time to time, as well as arranging play dates so that they get used to not having you around 24/7. This not only helps the child prepare for school, but it does also help the parent adjust to being away from their child too.

Visit the School

Your child will find school even more daunting if they have no idea what it looks like; their imagination will run away with them. With that said, you should take your child to the school, even if it’s just the outside so that they can start to visualize what their first day might be like.

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