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How to Indulge More in Your Hobbies

Between raising a family and full-time employment, or maintaining relationships alongside a busy lifestyle, finding time to indulge in your passions can fall by the wayside. Whether you delight in gardening, fixate on origami, being creative with adult coloring,  revitalize through spa breaks or rejuvenate through long cycle rides, there should be no reason that modern life should knock these hobbies out into the long grass of your life, for you to dig around for once a month with an air of nostalgia. Here are some ideas for you to keep up with your hobbies, ensuring the fire in your belly never dies.

Set Aside Time

You may be familiar with a nagging feeling that theres something more productive you could be doing instead of your hobby. The advice here is to banish that unhelpful voice and concentrate on your hobby through deliberately set-aside time. Little can be more important than feeling completely at one with yourself, in the present, enjoying an activity youve cherished throughout your life. Dont allow yourself to feel guilty for these small pleasures – hobbies are scientifically related to a wide range of benefits for your brain.

Buy Equipment

Its exciting to have a new accessory to your hobby enter your life, and thats often the kickstart you need to indulge more in your hobby. If youre a coffee aficionado that loves to explore new tastes and aromas, then scouring the blog of Gene Moroz will turn up the finest beans from across the land. Or, if you like to read in your free time, buying a fresh book, one youve always wanted to get your hands on, will fill you with the motivation to follow through and read it cover to cover.

Making time to indulge more in your hobbies is vital for your self-care. Here are some tips to make that happen despite busy lives.

Shift Online

If youre absolutely wall-to-wall with work and can barely find a second to relax on the couch, let alone indulge in a hobby, then perhaps it is worth taking your interests online. The internet is a goldmine for forums and groups that will share in your exact hobby, whether its Japanese horticulture or World War Two reenactments. Finding a group of like-minded people to discuss your passions in those little snippets of time you can call your own, will inspire you to maintain your hobby in the holidays and over weekends. It may even introduce you to new friends!

Build Relationships With Them

Perhaps the most organic and fun way to provide an impetus to follow your hobby is to enroll other people in the joys of basket weaving, oil painting or orienteering. If theres a local club that runs activities around your hobby, make friends there, or else persuade your loved ones and friends to give it a go with you, reminding them how stress-busting and healthy it is to take your mind off everyday life to get immersed in a fun new environment.

Hobbies are close to our hearts, often something that weve enjoyed since our childhood. Its therefore incredibly important not to let them slip into the past – to recognize their value and start planning ways in which you can reincorporate them back into your daily life.

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What are some ways that you ensure you keep your hobbies as an active part of your life? 

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