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How BPC-157 Aids in Regenerative Medicine

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Eugene is an athlete who works out frequently, often driving his body to its limit. He occasionally gets sports injuries, such as pulled hamstrings and tendonitis. However, he’s concerned that it takes him quite a while to heal. As a result, he must cut into his time training and struggles with discomfort for a long time. He asks his friend Trudy, a physical therapist, what might be the best way to help him heal more quickly. She recommends trying a BPC-157 supplement.

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What Is BPC-157?

BPC-157 is a peptide, or a sequence of amino acids, that is extracted from the natural gastric juices produced in the body. BPC stands for body protecting compound, which is a succinct description of exactly what BPC-157 does. When extracted, concentrated, and applied directly to an injured area (via skin patch or injection), it has a remarkable ability to facilitate healing. Therefore, this is particularly helpful for athletes who need fast, pinpointed healing.

BPC-157 can also help athletes avoid muscle and nervous system fatigue after strenuous workouts. Additionally, there is evidence that it can ease joint pain. For these reasons, it is highly sought after as a way to improve how athletes feel for their workouts and more importantly, how they heal from sports injuries.

Eugene is interested in Trudy’s advice and decides to start taking an injection of BPC-157 to promote faster healing in an area that’s been a particular problem for him: his Achilles tendon.

How Can BPC-157 Help You Heal?

BPC-157 is a natural compound found in the human stomach. It is generally tolerated very well by those who take it and produces few or no side effects. BPC-157 promotes the growth and movement of healthy cells in injured areas. It is also effective for damaged muscles, especially muscles that are not responding to steroid treatments for healing. In addition to all of this, BPC-157 has been shown to facilitate bone healing as well.

It has remarkable anti-inflammatory properties, making it a good choice for those who have inflammatory bowel diseases too. BPC-157 works with nitric oxide in your body to stimulate faster-wound healing. These compounds work together to increase the flow of blood and nutrients to wound sites and rebuild damaged tissue. All these reasons make it an ideal way to treat sports injuries such as torn muscles and ligaments, joint pain, bruising, and nervous system fatigue.

Though many athletes take BPC-157 supplements via injection, studies show that it can also be effective when administered via a skin patch. Patients can apply this patch directly to the site of the injury, allowing nutrients to be absorbed through the skin.

AgeForce’s BPC-157 skin patches promote healing of common sports injuries. They are easy to use and show quick results, getting you relief from damaged muscle, joint pain, and more.

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