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Here’s What’s Missing From Your Resume

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 Keeping your resume up-to-date is really important if you’re hoping to progress your career. It is the first thing potential employers will look at before they choose to speak formally or informally to you about a position. The trouble is, resumes or career summaries can easily become out-of-date. Here are just some of the most valuable things your resume might be missing already:

Personal Details

As the laws go through various changes, discrimination has become a hot topic. It’s worth checking that some of your personal details are actually missing! Dates of birth are now no longer required. You don’t have to specify a gender, ethnic background, or religion. In fact, it is usually best to keep all of that data off your application and resume. What should be on there is your cell number, your personal website URL, your email address and your social media handles.

Work Portfolio

Too many of us go through the motions at work without following up on the projects we are involved with. If something you worked on generated profits, then you need to detail those bottom line figures on your resume. This is proof of your effectiveness in the workplace. Put a figure on it! This helps you to value yourself. Businesses want to see evidence of what you can do so start keeping a portfolio of all the projects you get involved with going forward.

Resumes are something many of us struggle to make well. Here are some tips to help make yours stand out.

Training, Development and Continuing Professional Development

Be sure to list all of the training courses you have completed. Keep a printout of any official documentation or certification that goes with it. This can all be used to help you stand out from all the other candidates. If you have professional membership or qualifications, your CPD record must be kept up to date to keep the letters after your name. Collate all your online learning details as well. Your current employer has probably provided you with plenty you can add to the list.

Resumes are something many of us struggle to make well. Here are some tips to help make yours stand out.

Personal Projects

This is the section of your resume that makes you a really interesting candidate. Team leaders and managers usually look for candidates they have something in common with. They need to know that you’ll fit into the team. So don’t be afraid to detail any personal projects you’ve been involved with. After all, these are the things that give you something to talk about in the interview. Charity work, creative projects, volunteering abroad, and even DIY attempts can be listed here. Do you coach or teach in your spare time? Have you traveled to any interesting or exotic places? What do you do that helps define who you are?

Resumes are something many of us struggle to make well. Here are some tips to help make yours stand out. Which ones are you using?

The Reasons Why

Most resumes simply list all of a candidate’s achievements. Have you ever considered the reasons why your career has panned out this way? What drove you to take that big exam? Why did you volunteer for that project? What has been inspiring you all this time? Try to make your resume or career profile a little more personal. It helps potential employers get to know you a little.

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