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Getting Cash Back Has Never Been As Easy As This

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And we’re talking about cash back at its purest form—not rewards points, not gift certificates, but actual cash back.

Bless the soul of whoever thought of the cash back concept.

Along with “major sale,” it’s one of those things that make our hearts skip a beat when we go shopping. Credit card companies have been pretty generous when it comes to cash back, but most of the time, they come with strings attached—minimum purchases, finance charges, loyalty terms and so forth. Good news for you is, we recently discovered generous cash back fairy godmother that just keeps on giving—and all you have to do is a shop like you normally do. It’s a free mobile app and chrome browser extension known as Piggy, which has made saving big through coupons and cash back as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Make the most of your purchases by doing your online shopping through this cash-back tool. Here is one of our favorite rebate websites.
  1. Download Piggy from the Chrome Webstore or Playstore. Simple one-time installation and you will be reaping major savings for a lifetime. Piggy works in the background as you shop at thousands of stores. It covers everything from stores like Walmart, Calvin Klein, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Priceline, to Papa Johns, VRBO and everything in between—your normal shopping routine need not be collateral damage just to achieve big savings.
  2. Brace yourself at check out. Piggy will automatically find coupons and cash back for you then apply them to your cart at check out. Effortless saving at its finest. The best part about Piggy on mobile, you never need to open the app again unless of course, you are simply checking your cash back balance accrue!
  3. Save Money! Yeah, it’s literally that easy to save money. Once you let Piggy do its job automatically for you, you just sit back save and collect the cash back checks. Cynthia, a user from the Piggy chrome web store writes, “In just one month this has saved me $100 on purchases I would have missed saving on! love it”.
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No caveats, just pure coupons, and cash back awesomeness! So, if you are like Cynthia above and not using Piggy now. You better download it here so you never have to worry about overpaying again!

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