How Much Formula Milk Does My Baby Need?

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When it comes to determining the amount of baby formula your baby needs, you might easily get confused as there exists no single answer and it very hard to determine just how much formula your baby needs. The amount may be determined by what else you give to your babies such as breastmilk or other solids.

There also other factors that would determine how much formula milk you are supposed to give your baby such the baby’s weight and age.

To help you determine just how much formula milk you are supposed to feed your baby here are a few tips and pointers.

How to know when your baby is hungry

One thing to know about babies is that their appetite changes from time to time and so it is always wise to let the pace themselves. By doing this, your baby will now feed when he needs to and provided you can spot the various cues that suggest that he is hungry.

Learning how much formula milk does my baby need was a bit of a challenge. Here are tips to help you with that.
  • When your baby starts rooting, meaning he starts turning his head and opening his mouth in the direction of your chest.
  • Your baby might also be hungry when you spot him sucking his hands or when he makes sucking motions such as moving his fingers and hands towards his mouth.

As soon as you spot these signs, offer your baby the formula milk bottle and do not make the mistake of waiting till he cries as this might upset him and make feeding harder.

You should also watch your baby as he is feeding so as to know when he is full and has enough.

How much formula should you feed your baby?

For babies who take formula exclusively, they need around 150-200 ml of formula per kilogram of their bodies’ weight, each and every day. If for example, you have a baby with a weight of 4 kilograms you would need 600 to 800 ml of formula milk in that day (24 hours), for you to feed him and hopefully satisfy his hunger. However, this is not always the case, especially in the first week, mainly because your baby at the time has a small tummy that gets full quickly.

You should note that just as your appetite for food changes from meal to meal so does a baby’s and hence he will not take the same amount of formula in each feeding. Therefore, do not force him to finish his formula milk even when there is a little amount left.

Consult your doctor for what amount of formula milk to give your baby if he has a specialized formula prescribed for him. For a gassy baby, asking the doctor the amount of formula milk and what’s the best formula for gas, is very necessary

How feeding change as a baby grows

-Give your baby around 65ml of formula milk during the first weeks as this is what he can manage to take in one feeding.

– After the first couple of weeks, your baby will he will need more and will take around 100ml at each feeding. When he finishes quickly and looks around he might need a second helping. At this you’re your baby can consume an average total of 500- 800 ml in one day.

– At the age of 2 and 6 months, your baby may want about 100-200ml of formula milk at each feeding.

– At the age of six months, your baby will now want about 200-250ml of formula at every feeding and an average of 900ml of formula in each day

After six months, you can now start to introduce him to solid foods which decreases the average amount of formula taken in each day to about 600ml. When your baby reaches one year of age you can now give him full-fat cow milk.

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