Exploring English Literature With Your Child

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English literature can benefit children in many ways; academically, professionally and personally. Children have such beautiful imaginations and it’s crucial for teachers and parents to nurture this ability through reading and creative writing activities. If your child usually finds this subject difficult, there are a number of ways you can help them, as explored below by an independent college in London.

Learn how to explore English Literature with your child. These simple ideas will help make it a more enjoyable journey.

Read Different Works of Literature

It’s important to read different works of literature with your kids as frequently as possible. Reading on a regular basis will improve your child’s spelling and grammar skills and expand their vocabulary, as well as introduce them to a range of subjects, genres and writing styles.  What’s more, with frequent reading, it won’t be long before your child has a favorite book and author, which will aid their own writing development. Ask them what draws them to the story and the characters, what they like and dislike and what they think would make the novel better.

Get Creative with Reading

A great way to start your child’s literature journey is to encourage them to create a new ending to their favorite story. Explore how minor alterations to the events that take place in the story could lead to a totally different conclusion. When practicing creative writing, make sure your child chooses a theme that they truly find interesting. This will help them to enjoy the task, rather than see it as a chore, and keep them motivated to complete their story. 

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Make It a Part of Everyday Life

Try to incorporate reading and writing into your everyday activities. For instance, you could encourage your child to read a new recipe, write out your next shopping list or read any instructions. What’s more, it’s crucial to encourage your youngsters to read throughout the school holidays to prevent them from falling into the ‘summer slide’ where they begin to forget all of the things they’ve been learning at school.

How do you explore English Literature with your child?

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