Top Tips for Gaining More Visitors to Your Blog

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Blogging has become a huge pastime for many people in recent years. There are those that want to make a living from it, and others who just want to get their voice out there or get opinions off their chest. If you have been blogging for a while, then you might be thinking about how you can drive more visitors to your blog. With so much competition in the blogging world, you need to find the angle that attracts visitors.

Do People Like the Subject?

One of the things that most bloggers will tell you is, do you have something different? Is your angle on a subject worth peoples time to visit you? It can be a tricky thing to discover, and sometimes even then, you won’t get many visitors. However, there are hundreds of mommy blogs, and fashion blogs and almost all of them attract a good readership.

Gaining more visitors to your blog is not as complicated as it seems. These tips are some solid tips to get you started. What would you add to it?

Stick to the Subject

If your blog is about wedding cakes, then the people who visit your blog expect to see articles about wedding cakes. If you decide that you want to write about shoes for a while, don’t be surprised if you lose some visitors. It is important that you try to stick to the subject even in a subtle way.

Offer Your Readers Something

Many bloggers will try to coax visitors by offering them a prize or a special gift. Sometimes they will publish an eBook and have a second part behind a paywall to generate income for the blog. If you want to, why not run a competition on your social media page and have a prize for the winner. It doesn’t have to be a big prize; it could be some book vouchers or perhaps custom pins with your blog logo on it.

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Guest Posting

Getting your name and your blog out to other readers is a great way to gain traffic. Many successful bloggers are looking for people to guest post on their site which means your work will get in front of many more people than on your blog alone. You need to make these posts engaging and full of the type of content that you have on your blog. You will then get people to follow you from that blog to your own and hopefully bring others with them.

Be Prolific

Readers want to know about you and the things you write about, so it is important that you give them regular content. If you are the type of blogger that writes a blog once every two weeks or so, then you won’t be creating enough content to attract new readers. You need to be a regular poster and also try to be consistent. Choose a day and time to post new content and stick to that every week.

Patience is a big factor in blogging because you need to put a lot of work in over a long period before you start to get the big results.

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